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Convert Anfroid Phones with built in GPS to free navigation

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Takamii, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. I bought copilot GPS :) Awesomely fast.
  2. reviews for copilot on droid marketplace are not flattering though
  3. Tell me more about this amazing anfroid phone.
  4. Its like android but has really big hair - right up your alley Geeth
  5. looks good mate, I would like to know what you think of it after you have used it for a while


  6. I bought this app too and it arrived yesterday. I've installed it but haven't used it in anger yet.

    I'll let you know what I think after I've used it for awhile.
  7. Totally off topic, but great QR code Johnno.
  8. LOL! poor browny.
  9. Hijack; with my new phone it appears that the free Nokia nav has been over-ridden with Telstra-provided online nav. It only seems to work where there is phone coverage, whereas my previous model had satellite nav anywhere, anytime.
    Am I imagining this? Can true sat nav be reactivated? (with or without de-activating the SIM-based one) I know the phone is capable.

    Stoopid Telstra dude told me Android was incapable of what motolegion has done :evil:
  10. BBbbwwaahhahahahahaaaa!
  11. titus there is a cool off period, if you return the phone within a couple of days of buying it, you can get an android phone......

  12. Nah it's not a deal breaker. Even though it took me a week to come to grips with the stupid Nokia operating system I'm there now, and the excellent battery life is worth the other hassles.
    If I find I'm exceeding the data allowance with nav, I'll have to do something, though.
  13. Hmm, which phone are you using it on? I have a feeling it won't be so forgiving on the nexus (Which I have) seeing as it uses assisted gps and requires cell position to return a quick position.

    I have, however, had great success with the beta of wikitude drive. Amazing app, up there with some of the pricey standalone units.
  14. Never mind - I now understand A-GPS (and how to turn it off if I want to).

    So which Android phones have integrated GPS (not network)?
  15. A-GPS is Assisted Global yadada. You don't need to be on network, it is just meant to make the basic location finding quicker by reporting on what tower your on. A bit like who is can track you to an exchange.

    What Phone? And surely the Navigation would still be there somewhere.
  16. Ok as some may know some nit wit have ran off with my ALDI GPS, and after seeing this thread ive decided to upgrade my old hand-me-down phone to something a little less embarrassing.

    What ive got is a Samsung i8910 Omnia HD 16G + GPS Software (in motolegions link), hopefully this works. To those that purchased the software whats your impression of the GPS mapping, does it work well, can it really detect cameras, can it detect speed zones/speed, and is it really free to use?

    I agree with moto, to me a GPS that you pay for is a bit like Foxtel, I would rather pay for something straight up instead of paying in tiny portions forever.
  17. ok
    you buy the software, and maps. The software utilises the A-GPS Chip in the phone to get a GPS location. If you have the "A"(as the Assisted part) enabled it will use sweet FA data.

    Unlike Google Navigation et al, the software doesn't download the map every time you move.

    GPS is Free, downloading data is not.
  18. Yup the phone has A-GPS, yay, now to figure out how to attach it to the bike and connected to the battery.
  19. http://www.burnsmoto.com/usb-power-socket-weatherproof.php

    And a ram mount.