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QLD Convert a 2 seater to a 1 seater?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by gordon84, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Hey all

    New rider here from QLD. Being a new rider i'm also on my RE license. I have bought myself a Honda cbr250r and my vehicle registration notice have come in the mail and it's going to cost me $422 ($273 CTP, $149 Fees). I went on maic.qld.gov.au and calculated how much it would cost me if my bike was a 1 seater and CTP would only be $82 which is around $190 cheaper which is a big saving. I really don't need to register my bike as a 2 seater because i can't take a pillion anyway on my RE license.

    To convert it to a 1 seater can I just buy a seat cowl and take off the foot pegs or is there a bit more involved?? I have seen a couple of seat cowls for sale for $200.

    Has anyone converted their bike from a 2 seater to a 1 seater?

    Any information would be appreciated.
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  3. I'm not sure that you have to get them to mod it for you. I certainly didn't, I did the work myself and presented the bike for inspection to someone authorised to do the plate and paperwork.
    You need to get an approved person to approve the mods required to get the bike converted from two to one seats and get the label attached. Rear seat cowl and rear peg removal Was all that my Daytona needed so iit was pretty simple.
    All the guy did was inspect it and wack an alloy plate on the head ste. Then itvwas off to the Dept of Transport to havevthe regisration sorted.
  4. Agreed, you can do the mod yourself and get it inspected and approved. There isn't much involved - I bough a seat cowl of gumtree and removed the pillion pegs. It cost me around $200 for the inspection and mod plate.

    What approvers are willing to sign off on varies depending on who you go through, so its worth a phone call in advance to find out what they expect to see.

    Mind you, if a cowl costs you $200, with another ~$200 for the inspection you'll need to keep your bike for at least three years for it to be worthwhile. If you're riding the little cibber due to license retrictions you might want to think about whether that's something you want to do.
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  5. I'd like to do this with my bike some time before it's next rego, but it seems that a single seat or any kind of cowl is impossible to find for a Transalp. They were designed as touring bikes and have this huge soft seat that can't really be covered. The only option is to cut it in half retrim it, but it'd look pretty dodgy.

    It's a bit of a pain in the bum that people who aren't licensed to carry a pillion still get charged as if they are. I know that, in theory, a rider with a full license could get on my bike and then carry a pillion and have an accident, but in the grand scheme of things it's very unlikely (and in my particular case, no-one has ridden my bike while it's been in my ownership except me).

    Guess I'm stuck with the higher charges. It's still cheaper than a car though, so I can't really complain.
  6. Never fear - you have another, equally dodgy option. Why not cover the rear seat in packing tape, wax, and then fibreglass? Remove, trim, add a generous coat of body filler and a rattlecan paint job and voila! a ghetto seat cover. It has been done - see google.

    Otherwise, I've seen racks that bolt over the pillion seat (not specifically on a transalp though) which might tick the box. Alternatively, a professional upholsterer can probably make a shortened seat look good for the cost of a new seat cover.

    As I said above, if you're seriously thinking about it phone an inspector and see what they'll sign off on. There's always a way...
  7. Where in SEQ are you?
    This guy's does pretty goodbye works with seats
  8. Hi Rip thanks for the advice. I called up Brian and he said he can give me the tick if i just remove the cushioning from my pillion seat. Pretty cheap option for me. I called up Honda and they said a seat cowl is $300. From the U.S it's still around $200. I'd rather save that money and just take the cushioning out for free! If i need another rear seat it's only $60 from China.
  9. Thanks NSSherlock, i might give them a call as well to compare prices. I live in South West Brisbane.
  10. I don't know about what the legalities are with the plate, but when my uncle went to register his caravan, they said it needed to be checked to comply with ADR rules. He just got a metal plate, engraved "VIN:xxxxxx complies with Australian Design Regulations (ADRs)". Maybe you could try that? just get a plate, engrave, bolt to the frame.
    But maybe the muppets in QLD are different to the muppets in VIC.
  11. Different states, different rules and not even the same type of vehicle!

    For this particular exercise, you need the piece of paper, along with the aluminium plate that the authorised person gives you upon completion of the work, to get the Dept of Transport to change the rego type from a 2 seater to a one seater. Its not just a matter of making up your own plate and doing what ever you want unfortunately.