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Conversion rates?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Bravus, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Anyone know of any stats - or, given that it's Netrider, anecdotal evidence ;) - about scooter riders who end up switching to bikes? You'd assume there'd be some, but how common is it?

  2. I doubt there'd be any official stats for the simple reason most states don't distinguish between scooters and motorcycles. Unless of course you're talking about 50cc scooter riders getting a bike licence, in which case you might get a crude estimate looking at the sale of 50cc scoots and comparing against any changes in the number of motorcycle licences and/or larger bike sales (though I'm not sure if stats on motorcycle sales by make/model and state are readily available).
  3. Hey ya! My big plan was to conquer 2 wheels first and then get a bike.... so I started with a 125 scooter but after 6 weeks of full throttle I began to look around.Then i found this second hand T-Max 500cc. Even my gxsr 1000 riding big boy says the T-Max is terrific on the twisties... specially once we removed the centre stand. Very sporty, spose thats why they call it a performance scooter?? And now after 2500kms in 6 weeks.... I am rethinking the bike thing.....
  4. Hi Bravis, for what it's worth, I bought a Bolwell HD200 (172cc engine) and I'm kinda hungering for a bit more power. I'm pretty keen to swap over to a motorbike... nothing crazy, probably a 600cc.
  5. I started on scooters! :)
  6. 2 in every 100 convert.
    12 are distracted by the shiny light of a different trend.
    the rest have their period and couldn't be bothered filling out the survey or just plain pissed at the question.
  7. +1