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Conversation with a salesman.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AlGroover, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Salesman: Yes mate.
    Me: I've come to have a look at the (insert model of bike).
    SM: It's over there.
    Me: Are there any options or factory accessories?
    SM: Dunno.
    Me: What are the service intervals?
    SM: Dunno.
    Me: Mind if I sit on it?
    SM: (From desk) No, mate. Go for your life.
    Some time later.
    SM: Lot to look at, isn't there? (Doesn't offer me test ride on registered demo)
    Me: Yes. (Leaves shop, goes elsewhere and bought myself a new BMW).

  2. NOT a salesman, or at least not on commission....
  3. It might just be an 'Action Motorcycles' store. :wink:
  4. Soon to be renamed INaction Motorcycles :rofl:.
  5. Yea, some salesmen are pretty hopeless.
    When I was looking for a bike, one large Sydney shop wouldn't even let me take a test ride until - as the salesman put it - "they see some money".
    Pretty dumb; I went elsewhere and bought another bike.
  6. Not surprised at all - it's typical of some of my experiences when I recently went bike shopping. Although I eventually bought a bike privately, I made a point of getting my gear from the place that had shown the most interest and help when I was bike shopping.

    Oddly enough, this was our local BMW Dealer, and I notice that you bought a BMW. Is there a pattern emerging here? Perhaps they actually go to the trouble to 1. train the staff, and 2. employ the right people in the first place. What did you buy?
  7. Sounds like an ideal salesman to me... much better than the "nah mate this is a better bike for you/yeah this one is this this and this (all wrong)"

    I cant remember the last salesman I spoke to with any form of knowledge... most are completely half arsed and in the case of bike sales... arrogant tossers with a grade 2 education.

    9/10 times... I just want to talk price though, research has already been done. Which is probably half the reason I know more about A, B or C than the salesman. :?
  8. Here's another theme that's been rogered into insanity. Some people like salesmen that fellate everyone who walks in, some people hate the attentions, some people love to be left alone until they want attention while others feel like their mother's have scorned them. Some people even like dumb salesmen for whatever reason.

    Whatever, one man's hand job in another man's zipper-nip. The story has a happy ending - a bike was bought. But don't let me get in the way of ten pages of why people hate salesmen.

    I hate them because they have small hands and shifty eyes like carny folk. :twisted:
  9. Sounds better than large manly hand for a hand job ;)
  10. If you approach a sales person, you expect service. That's different from walking in a shop and getting hounded to buy xyz. With that sort of attitude, I would have gone elsewhere too.
  11. Ahhhh.....Don't you just love WA customer service :wink: .

    For the record, I prefer salesmen who f*#@ off and leave me alone until I am ready to talk price.
  12. You have a voice too, if you want help. ASK! if you want to browse tell them you will get them when you need help....

    Who's got the 2nd grade education?
  13. [​IMG]

    You bought a BMW, just to spite a dude that didn't even know he was being spited upon! And now you have to ride on it!
  14. Salespeople need to make a living too.Having said that I personally hate to be hovered over.The Salesman in question here however must be one of those rare people who don't need/want the work. :?:
  15. Although Action Motorcycles seems to have a bad rep, my own experience with looking at bikes and purchasing from them (Sydney) has always been positive. They have always encouraged test rides and the last salesman even discouraged me from buying a more expensive model (Cagiva Raptor) because he expressed concerns about resale and parts availability.
  16. azi, wasn't Jimmy by any chance? He's a great fella. Nearly all of the test-rides I've done (about a dozen) I organised through him and never had any problems. Bought 2 bikes from him as well and look forward to making it 3 some time soon :)
  17. Sure we don't necessarily want to be hovered over, but Al was asking direct questions and the only responses he got was "dunno". That's pretty poor in my mind.
  18. Nothing wrong with small hands, in certian situations they may you look impressive. :wink:
  19. Slightly off topic, but what's the problem with BMWs? I've noticed BMW riders seem to be teased quite a bit here... are BMWs problematic? I was told they were pretty nifty bikes and were very well balanced?


  20. Be very careful when you ask for service.

    Service is what a bull does to a cow, and you should find out which is your role before you agree to participate.