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(Controversial) Western influence over the Pacific

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Archaeon, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. This topic is expected to get a little controversial.

    With the American President delivering what could be interpreted as a hostile statement to China last year in the Australian Parliament House, hinting at strengthening Western presence in the Asia Pacific region. Could this be a case of too little too late, grasping at straws, or ulterior motives to expand and conquer (culturally and economically)

    For decades the West has had the opportunity to increase welfare, aid, and support to the poorer nations in the east. It wasn't until quite recently that China, the most dominant power in Asia Pacific started their wheels of mass industrialization. This (arguably) was triggered and had since slowly gained momentum after 1997 when they assumed control of one of the economically advanced cities at the time from Britain, Hong Kong. The rapid advancement in this dormant superpower has undeniably changed the balance of power. Compound this with the fall of western economies, and the world suddenly has a renewed interest in what will happen as time progresses.

    America has accused China of not being fair by not aligning their foreign trade policies, keeping the Yuan low, and not taking intellectual property rights seriously enough. Interesting, considering that they make no apologies for Apple preventing the sale of Korean Samsung products. China simply states they are managing a very different economy and must progress cautiously as failure to do so will plunge half their nation into rapid poverty which will be only be compounded as investments move offshore.

    Consider the history of Western Influence..

    On one hand, it's a case of wherever they go, they seem to always have some sort of vested self interest, be it economical, strategic or (less so) humanitarian. It is suggested and widely speculated that they plunge a target country into so much debt that it is impossible for them to repay it, and as such is forced to surrender land, resources and other crucial infrastructure. Therefore giving rise to cheap labour and low cost manufacturing, only to be shipped to western, wealthy nations to enjoy, which in turn drives up their own economy and standard of living as well as enabling newly established offshore branches to drown in profits while providing the locals with work to pay for their food and shelter, with dreams of a holiday or a nice pair of shoes.

    On the other hand, Where ever the West has exerted their assistance to other nations, they have brought liberation from oppression, introduction of a more democratic form of government, civil freedom and human rights. The country for the first time in their history has experienced peace and freedom of choice, access to technology, education and ability to work and earn money to pursue their own goals and dreams, overall adding to the value of life for the otherwise impoverished society/nation.

    Some say it's one or the other, others say its a bit of both. it's all in the details.

    Does the West have any right to express an interest in Asia Pacific, given that historically the region was basically ignored. Millions have suffered and died from famine and disease while the West had enjoyed excessive indulgences with extreme amounts of waste. With the power of China growing at a rapid rate, is it pure coincidence that America and their allies want to make a strong presence in the region? Why now, during an economic crisis?

    The ultimate question of course is, what gives any nation the right to enforce their way of life onto others at a cost? What works in one part of the world, does not necessarily work in another.

    In the Modern world, wars aren't waged with men with guns. It is far more effective to turn your enemies onto themselves by inciting rebellion and unrest, destabilizing their government, (or economy through sanctions and other subtle tactics) give reason for intervention, and instilling a new government that can be controlled and manipulated. If that fails, unmanned drones that are capable of causing mass casualties are far more cost effective than feeding battalions of soldiers and fancy toys.
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    Seriously, read the posts above and call off this tiresome tripe.....
  5. Disagree about the West ignoring the Asia Pacific. From the time that Europe became properly aware of the Eastern hemishere, they tried to exploit it - successfully, for the most part. China is now taking its turn.
    I don't think there is any secret why the US is interested. China has indicated its agenda pretty clearly in places like Africa and South America. Essentially, it wants to gain access to resources. The US - correctly, in my opinion - sees itself in potentially fierce competition for those resources in the future.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Way to ruin a thread Titus
  8. Rather it's men with guns, disguised as cats.
  9. I was original from that region.........and let me tell you that America and western nation has used the region to benefit America and western nations.

    Now thats settled......lets all go back to watching Jerry Springer, Friends, Coming to America, cheer for our favorite NFL team, and see the race to the next American presidential election.........you know the things that all Australians must follow.
  10. ... Is that seriously a "shoot around corner" gun with a stuffed cat on top of it?
    That's a real dick way to kill someone.
  11. Yes it is. Sticking a gun up a real cat is a lot more difficult.

    It's also a great way of luring children into the line of fire - or giving them nightmares about stuffed cats for the rest of their lives.
  12. They should use a creepy doll instead.
  13. Obviously none of you have ever played Postal 2?
    Cats are used as silencers...


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    I was going to ask where you can get a copy - then found it's banned in this country :roll:

    Looks like it's off to the illegal download sites for me.....
  15. Lol........awww how cute :)
  16. ... sigh.... figures...

    It is altogether fitting that a Nation founded on convicts assuming ownership of land not rightfully theirs, whom then oppresses the natives and uses them as slaves like colonial America and then castes them aside like lesser beings; would ridicule world events and pay little to no attention to the significant impacts of world policies and agendas.

    Life... is sacred.

    Australia mourns at the loss of a few soldiers.. America mourns the loss of a few soldiers... England, France, Germany.. Put it all in perspective.. How many lives have been lost in Afghanistan... In Iraq... In Egypt... In Syria... How many families.. ? history, tradition, culture... Entire towns erased in a few short hours, and for what?

    Who cares..?

    History is written by the side that wins. And those that were fortunate enough to scatter and survive to tell the tale.. well.. they're just terrorists.

    We blame the government for not doing enough for people smugglers or "boat people".. FFS they're refugees fleeing a war torn country that would not have been at war were it not for an invasion! But we must turn them away, we cannot allow them in the country because terrorists are everywhere.. planning and plotting to destroy our perfect way of life.. to take away our freedoms.. They have no rights, they're terrorists and they must all be brought to justice..

    ... pffft ...

    What I find most amusing after reading the responses is... the subject hasn't attracted controversy, but rather comedy.. I am certain I didn't post this in the jokes thread, and for mods, like cops who are supposed to represent something but don't, to join in...

    Everyone just whinges and whines, but when posed the questions, everyone just wants to watch tv, have a beer, and see who's playing who at the next big game. I suppose not everyone has the mental capacity to process such complex matters. It's easier not to care than to think abut sh%t they know they can't change or solve. Afterall, we all need to work and pay the bills, and we all have enough sh!t to deal with than worry about a bunch or poor bastards somewhere else.

    It's not survival of the fittest... It's certainly not justice... It's profit at the expense of human lives (either as a direct or subsequent result of greed).

    We deserve to become extinct.
  17. Which exactly is survival of the fittest... Justice has nothing to do with anything it's just a concept invented to make up for that fact that "survival of the fittest" is shitty...
  18. See, this is exactly the sort of prejudiced crap that is the exact reason why noone can be bothered taking it seriously.

    Either you're fishing for people to agree with the ideas you already clearly have, or are just looking to start an argument. Either one is nowhere near as interesting as cat silencers.