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controversial question,do ladys ride harder to prove a point

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. this is just a question and not a point of view,i do however have one female in my club who continues to do stupid things on her bike and we all gasp when she rides ,so as i said this is not my view as i think women in general are better riders than men being more patient and better at calculating risks than males,i do feel however some people try to prove to others that they are eqauly as good as others but by doing so end up puting them selves at risk and potentialy those around them

  2. Re: controversial question,do ladys ride harder to prove a p

    So why is the subect line about women? The body of your post shows what a silly question the subject line is. (Or is it a really weak attempt at a troll?)
  3. probably not .......... in past ive been involved in firearms training ... women have better fine motor control ... and arent predisposed with the notion that they have ( balls ) therefor are genetically incoded to do certain stuff .. ie like ride /shoot etc ... they learn better too because of those traits
  4. Not the women I know... most of them are very sensible.... and if not sensible... at least polite riders...

    I have a rule, never overtake people in a corner.... It freaks people out and they make mistakes... Whenever I lead a run, I always stipulate that point.... it cuts down the risks considerably...
  5. There are probably the same presentage of women who are crazy riders as men but there are just less of them so you notice it more. :?
  6. as i said this is not my view but an interesting question that was ask of me recently after a ride in wich a female rider took several stupid risks and when ask why she said if i was male would i be asking the same question,but no one else in the group took the risks as she did,so hence the question so please dont make it a male versus female forum or i will withdraw the thread
  7. Like any rider I'm sure I've had my moments of misjuding something and therefore taking a greater risk than I should..I don't tend to feel the need to prove anything and it all depends on the mood in which I am riding. Some days I feel like my riding comes together and go faster, some days I am slow as a wet rag and cruise along...or sometimes I crack it and decide I dont like my bike anymore and look for another :grin:
  8. nice reply codeblue
  9. why did she do it?

    you need a full psyche evaluation for that: ie she:
    -doesn't care about dying
    -feels that the risks she took was acceptable
    -those maneuvers were well within her skills
    -has a chip on her shoulder
    -wants to impress a guy in your group
    -etc etc
    -or yes, feels that she must show the guys what she's made of

    i mean take your pick. without knowing her its impossible to give an answer to. but to answer your question, yes i don't see why not. she may just want to show the guys how daring girls can be.

    my 2c
  10. I have a related question ...

    Ignoring the gender issue, does riding in a group or club (as opposed to solo) encourage risk taking/poor judgement as people try to show off to their peers and outdo each other?
  11. Two mistakes Mark:

    1. Posing a sexist question on a public forum, regardless of its validity.
    2. Forming a stereotype that encapsulates more than half of the population from a sample size of 1 ;)

    Do some women feel the need to show the boys you don't need testicles to have balls? Yes of course.
    Do some women see gender discrimination everywhere they look? Absolutely.
    Is this observation of one rider significant to the set of female riders? Hell no.

    My guess is that the boys are much more likely, on the whole, to get competitive with each other and push limits (as NBH just alluded to with his question) than the ladies, testosterone is a powerful thing.

  12. Re: controversial question,do ladys ride harder to prove a p

    Its a human thing - both sexes included!
  14. The syntax of your question is wrong, the motivation of your question is questionable, but mostly, you've answered it by this statement anyway.

    Some ladies DO feel the need to over-compete just to be seen as equal; this lady probably does this in other areas of life as well.

    What to do? Get one of the other female riders to re-assure her that she doesn't have to prove anything, that riding is not a race and that you're just going out to have fun.

    {Of course then you red-line heroes are going to have to stop treating your rides like they ARE races, but I'm sure you're up to that challenge!}
  15. ABSOLUTELY!! If people are going to be tossbags on a ride, they will always do it when they have an audience. Nothing provides that opportunity more than a group ride. ( When they should be on a track )
    Having said that, I still enjoy going on group rides. If I notice someone who is doing hero/stupid moves, I just keep away from them.
    Most of us know the ettiquette of group riding.
  16. 2 mistakes Sir.

    1. Nothing wrong with sexist questions.
    2. Only one forming a stereotype is yourself

  17. Sorry, Kish, I questioned the question and its motivation too, but I have to agree with sir_b, the post DOES encapsulate a stereotype from a sample of one.....
    And he's not creating any stereotype himself, he's responding to one......
  18. Yuck, I hate it when people get overly politically correct...

    The question is valid.... Who cares what the motivation or sentence structure is like...
  19. rubbish.

    he clearly states, his post is a question & not an opinion he has.
    if one dosent know you ask. Theres nothing wrong with asking.

    & I said hes the only one stereotyping bc hes the one coming
    out with stupid comments about another person which is so far
    from the truth its not funny

    Understand now?
  20. The question would be valid in most circumstances, but if you go back through the forum and check on the general standard of posts and threads from the "gentlemen" from that club/group/area, it has some un-nerving overtones, and the response has nothing to do with political correctness.......