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Control order plan for bikies

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bosi72, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. My god, now they are terrorists! thats a bit of a strech.

    By the way what has happened to the war on terror. I thought that there were armies of sleeper cells all around the world ready to deliver jihad at a moments notice! :roll:

    More bollocks to squeeze the public.

    Ultimately putting fear into the public has always been the corner stone of good government :eek:
  2. So what group next ?

    Netrider members come under control orders for complaining about govt policies.

    Next travel papers required when crossing suburbs.

    I for one welcome our "Big Brother Overlords"
  3. The Sutherland Shire in Sydney's south would like that one introduced NOW :LOL:.
  4. No, its just as per normal behaviour. Like governments. Forums start out with the best intentions and get used for their main purpose which is encouraging all members to place opinions on topics of interest to the member community.

    Later as it grows into the bureaucracy and we get "rules", "regulations" and blow back for making off comments as it competes with others interests. Next there comes censorship and deletion (or threats there of).

    Has happened before and will again :roll:

    I applaud there being topic areas for ease of access, but when using this becomes a chore, and posting something you think is valuable to the community in a recommended area that nobody visits becomes pointless.
  5. Well sounds like a Govt department , simple answer ,

    Flog Netrider off to Private enterprise ..

    they always do things better :roll:
  6. But won't services in the bush suffer if we do that??
  7. Thats bullshit :evil: what a blatant attack on cival rights
  8. bwahahlolharoflhalol

    i'd like to see that :grin:

    yeah, build another dingo fence :rofl:

    yes, replace it or have NONE :shock: in which case you wouldnt know who you were dealing with ;)
  9. He He, I like that one, Undercover Bikies... :cool:
  10. With the new anti-terror laws doing so would be quite easy. Firstly all they need do is declare a particular group "illegal" - it then becomes a serious offence to provide them with money in any way. Even more scary is that the sedition laws mean that simply posting on Netrider for example that you think (insert club name here) is great could land you in prison for several years (and the admins to if they were deemed to have allowed such comments). Not surprised though, this is exactly the sort of thing I thought would happen when the anti-terror laws came in.
  11. sure, the paperwork side of things would be easy.
    but do you really think 'banning' or making a group 'illegal' is going to stop or even remotely slow down any activities that these groups participate in?
    i certainly dont think so, and it is blind faith if you honestly believe things would change much.
    this is merely a staged media event to show the public that they are "doing something about it!"
    i am sure you will find that there is already extensive surveillance of any group of interest, and movements of persons of interest is already limited/logged.
    there is a whole heap of shit that goes on behind the scenes that you and i know very little about.

    in summary, i think it is a media grabbing bandaid to give the naive nuff-nuffs in the community a little bit of confidence in our despicable law system/government.
  12. Oh and if they think that these clubs are where all the illegal handguns are comming from!


    Hell, I remember when I was in Adelaide and a police station was broken into (the ones that shut over-night). Safe was stolen which had 5 Glock handguns and ammunition. :roll:

    Yeah, I wonder what kind of handgun was used in Melbourne the other week :!:
  13. Maybe, maybe not. But what it does allow the Government to do is to go after the "money trail" - which effectively kills off any legitimate business they have, or any legitimate businesses they deal with. And without legitimate business to launder money it's going to be very difficult to hide the proceeds of any illegal activities.
  14. News flash, there front business are making more money than the need for laundering. The days of shutting them down are long gone. Many of these groups have extensive property and investment portfolios that are all above board. All they do is sit back and work off the dividends.
  15. yep, mostly agree.
    from what i understand the hard yards are done and dusted ;)
  16. Maybe so but refer back to my original point. IF the government were to put them on the list of "illegal" organisations then ANYONE found providing them with money, legitimate business or otherwise, would be facing up to 25 years in jail.
  17. Is it not also the corner stone of terrorism?

    Think of how that reflects on the governments...
  18. Reality check: All terrorism is government sponsored and created. Do some history checking. Everything you see today is a legacy of past administration global power playing.

    BTW there was a lot more terrorism in the 80's under Reagan, eg. TWA hijackings, contra affair, Afghanistan and Libya. Not to mention Chile and Guatemala. Car bombs in Germany, France and UK. Plus not to mention the IRA and Northern Ireland.

    We all survived and many more freedoms in the past, it is now that formation of states such as the EU and combined NFTA economies are pulling towards a fear campaign.

    Do some homework, you'll find the past is very interesting but conveniently excluded from contemporary discussions. :!:
  19. Very true, in particular have a look at the methods Adolf Hitler used to gain power and compare them with some of the things the US (and Australian) Governments are doing now in the guise of "fighting terror". There's some disturbing similarities.