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Contribution Thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BLABBUS TOOLICUS, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. What constitutes a "contribution" to an internet forum ?

    I got nothin.

    Maybe we need a Tool Of The Month award.
  2. Mate i'm going to bed now but YOU would win first price all the time :)
  3. What story is getting read to ya ?
  4. The story i like best is when i wake up tomorrow your gone for good...

    Then i know i'm going to have a good day at work...
  5. You have a sad life,im sorry for you.
  6. U scared me blabb
    Thought the nr police sent u
    Packing over a harfware store

    I think they dont get it because
    They dont have SA comercials
  7. I was just thinking to myself that some people in this world an't worth it... So i'll walk away from this thread coz your just not worth it...

    Let me give you a tip just for old time sake... I hope 1 day you will smack your self silly and stat being nice on forums then people will be nice to you... And if u don't like being nice then i pity you what people will say...

    Have a nice life blabbus
  8. A contribution might consist of some useful information or maybe an opinion a a subject. It certainly doesn't include endless insults and put-downs.
  9. Thanks for your opinion.
  10. Thanks for the contribution,but you see---in my OPINION,that was not a contribution.
    Do you see how this forum thing works now ?
  11. what's an internet?
  12. What fish swim inter.
  13. Fishing is usually good in these parts.
  14. I thought it was the interwebs. What spiders catch stuff in.
  15. oi...blabbus....your previous life was blabber the awesome wasn't it?
  16. You don't have the right to express your opinion in the way you have been

    This is an extract of a pm from a moderator. So in their opinion youre not allowed to express your opinion, as their opinion far out weighs your opinion so you're not entitled to an opinion if it does not conform with their opinion, so your opinion is null and void and you'll get a ban for expressing such and opinion....

    You got that?
  17. You have authority issues don't you Cazz?
  18. Thats your opinion.
  19. People can be awful sensitive on this forum. Don't worry blabs, I find you entertaining.
  20. before your time mate.