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Contour +2 - Can you disable the GPS

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. As above, im thinking about getting myself a camera for my bike as a christmas present. Im considering the Contour +2 and the Sony mostly.

    Im wondering if anyone knows if you can stop the contour from recording the gps data of your videos? i think its obvious why one wouldnt want this data being recorded while out on a ride.

    Anyone have any comments about the sony action cam or the contour +2, i like the sony mostly for the form factor, image stabilisation and the remote control via my phone, and file transfer. The contour is good however as its even smaller and takes great quality video and audio, and has a rotating lens with remote control from phone, the roam 2 does not have gps but also does not have remote phone control, which is something i think is really useful, i like settings.

    or other recommendations. Gopro3 is good but the form factor ruins it.
  2. yes you can disable it
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  3. I have a Contour GPS, and it stores GPS data in the form of subtitle streams. Therefore, it can be easily stripped out if needed. Also, the GPS can be altogether disabled using the Connect app or Storyteller application.

    Freakin' oath.
  4. you choose two "setups" they include

    Gps on or off
    gps frequency of location
    video settings
    audio settings.


    so you can choose between them on the fly , or use your smart phone to customize them :)
  5. Saw the Sony cam in store this morn [chapel st prahran] $399 in kit form and the guy will throw in the handlebar connection/mount, kit has camera, waterproof case, 2 base plates, 2 batteries, charger and i think 4 gig micro sd [no sure about card. camera alone, is $299..
  6. I really like the sony, and i want to buy it more than i want to buy a contour +2 but for bike mounting it seems contour is the go, i have mates who sitck theirs on the side fairing and it works really well, the fairing aero helps lower wind noise.

    but it seems very hard to mount the sony to the sides of things, and i think thats a downfall for bikes.

    But the contour is still very good, just a bit too big, thats its only downside.
  7. Been keeping my eye on the Replay1080XD
    I really like the form factor.