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Continuous indicating while overtaking - Good or bad idea?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by LineNoise, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Quick opinion poll guys...

    Is continuous indicating while overtaking a good idea or a bad one in your opinion?

    ie. If I pull out to over take a car I flick the right blinkers on and leave them on until I indicate left to pull back in in front of them.

    A mate of mine does it (he's Swedish...apparently it's common over there) and thinks it makes you more noticable but I'd have to wonder whether you'd just confuse people which can be a recipe for problems...particularly if someone pulls out into your lane because of it.
  2. can lead to confusion..... especially if ther is a side road or driveways on the raod in question.

    highways are not such an issue
  3. If its a single lane each way and I'm overtaking, then, yes, I leave my indicator on. If its multilanes in my direction, I just indicate that I'm moving out and then turn them off.

    :D :D :D
  4. I'm with Lil.

    Makes sense to let people know what you're doing.
  5. :WStupid:

    But in the multi lane senario I leave the indicator on until I've completed the merge into the new lane.
  6. I agree, if its a 1 lane each way road, the indicator stays on, on multilane, it signals the lane change and thats it.
  7. Although logically an indicator's purpose is to tell people where you're heading next.

    So why leave it on during an overtaking manouvre on a single-lane road? You've already moved right to overtake the vehicle - you're not going any further right, are you?
  8. I usually indicate out, switch it off and merge back in when I'm past. With the exposure time we have relative to the speed of a car, it's almost academic
  9. If you are overtaking on a 1 lane road, then I say yes... Its just saying "Yes, I am on the right, I am staying on the right, I am not coming back just yet"

    but if there are two lanes and you have simply moved into the right lane, then absolutely not...
  10. Ditto - except it probably takes me a little longer on the 250 to get past :p :D
  11. Correct. But the next thing you are going to do is move left, so why not switch it straight over to left as soon as you have gotten over to the right?
    anything that gets the zombies' attention has got to be a good thing.
  12. I ride everywhere with a blow-up doll on my pillion seat. It's not the perfect solution, but I reckon it has reduced the percentage of drivers actively trying to kill me to below 75%.
  13. Dosen't increase their "target fixation"? :p
  14. Lol this poll just confirms how strange these forums are :p

    Continuously indicating has more votes and i have NEVER even seen anyone do that before!

    I personally think it would just confuse people if anything...
  15. Have to agree with that there is nothing worse then over indication it can cause accidents in saying that so can under indicating, thats a very big problem at round abouts :eek:
  16. How about the person that puts half the car in the new lane then gives two blinks and thinks they've successfully 'indicated' thier lane change? I'd say they are more of a danger than someone who is indicating before, during, and slightly after a lane change.
  17. I had to think about this as I haven't really overtaken a car on a bike yet...(just sold my scoot).

    I think it depends on what sort of road you are on. If its a single lane open road I think I would definately leave it on throughout the entire manouver as I do in a car, I do this to make myself noticeable to oncoming traffic as a flashing indicator is very noticeable from a long distance.

    IMO an oncoming car which sees me on the wrong side of the road with an indicator on would clearly understand what was happening, Im not so sure they would if I was just driving on the wrong side of the road.

    On a bike I think its a little different, and as mentioned academic as the manouver is usually so fast it doesn't really matter, but I would still leave it on (I think) to indicate that I was moving out/passing, then change it over when I intended to 'move back'. This is how I've been taught.
  18. Actually have used indicating as a means of communicating to other riders. That is to say after overtaking, indicator is switched off. If there is no oncoming traffic the right indicator is switched back on from the lead rider so the following rider has greater "vision" ahead. It is not a method for everyone and to put it in words does not do it justice. Of course it would not be of any good if the lead rider wants to turn left!!!!

  19. I am all for more visability whilst out amongst the cagers.
    Prefer to leave indicators on untill I have finished any lane change.
    If this causes confusion to cagers all the better, it may make them think for a second before taking up my space on the road, that second may be enough for me to get out of there way.
  20. im generally going that fast i dont have time to indicate.. :LOL: :LOL:
    Seriously though, i cancel my indicator once in the overtake and then reindicate to move back in as i pass the the driver.. hence making him aware of my actions..