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Continental Road Attack 2 - Opinions

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by jacksbowel, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Specifically, opinions of those that have used them on a litre sportsbike or something similar in power output/tyre wrecking abilities.

    The Dunlop Sport Smarts (not sure if I'm a fan - but that's another story) on my 09 cbr1000rr are almost done at 4000kms and I'm looking for a tyre that might last me through winter and also heat up a little quicker on these cooler days.

    I've used the Road Attack 1s on a 1200gs and was really impressed. A few kilometres of country riding on a cool morning and they were track day hot and super sticky, and kept those characteristics for 7-8000km of centre-stand grinding fun. The rubber stayed fresh and sticky until down past the wear bears, unlike some other tyres I've used that appear to last a long time but really just harden up and stop wearing/gripping *coughpilotroad2s*.

    My main worry is that those quicker warm up times/lower optimal temps won't translate so well to a higher performance bike. So really interested in any comments from litre bike riders that run sports touring tyres. Just don't suggest pr2s.
  2. I sell a heap of Conti Road Attack 2's through the shop and no one has ever come back and said there shit. I've even managed to get guys off Michelin Road 2 & 3's onto Conti's and most have stayed with them for a second pair. Mileage wise they last as long as Michelin's but again it comes down to how you ride with them too as to how they last.
  3. I had the original road attacks on my gsx1400, loved them. Previous to that I used PR2. The contis would slip a bit in the wet and didn't last quite as long, but they give a bit more feedback through the handlebars and felt great right up till they needed replacing.

    I now have a litre sportsbike and when the oem tyres wear out they'll be replaced with Conti road attacks.

    vic did a great review of the sport attacks here https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=109685&highlight=road+attacks#.T9_NOrUqBBw
  4. Ive got those Sport Attack 2's in my garage, nobody wants them, maybe we can do a deal ? lol

    But I think its the single compound that puts people off, not sure but maybe.
  5. I ran Conti Sport Attack 2 on the Thou for a one set worth. First rear came apart due to a fault in manufacturing. Replaced by supplier. The replacement was a great tyre for a very short space of time. I mannaged to rip 2/3 of its life away in one afternoon (450km) when I pushed it to the stage that it was going off. After that it was pretty useless and was replaced before it even hit the wear indicators.
    The front was a similar story, great grip and good feel but lost alot of performance over a short space of time.
  6. They run these on the BMW S1000R and I haven't heard anything like your story gixr.thou....and not that I don't believe you but did you sacrifice it at the race track ;)
    I guy I know just put a set on a newish ZX 14 and these are his second set on this bike and he loves them.......
  7. Thanks for the responses everyone, appreciate it.

    Leaning towards the road attacks, sounds like the sports won't last long enough for my needs and I'm also a little worried they won't keep the heat in winter conditions.

    Admittedly only about 1500 of the kilometres on the 1200gs were me, the rest were my dad who is a little less enthusiastic in his general riding. So I'm guessing the roads won't last 7-8000km on my fireblade.

    I'd be happy with similar mileage as the sport smarts have given me. I've gotten used to tyres only lasting 1500-3000km on my old bike (street triple).

    Can anyone tell me how stiff the conti's sidewall tends to be? Might need to change the tyres on the street triple soon as well but it needs a tyre with a lot of flex to handle properly (re-valve+respring on non-adjustable forks seemed like a good idea at the time.. d'oh).
  8. Metzler M5s are a way better tyre in all conditions than the contis
  9. Very soft side walls on the continentals, nothing like the Sportsmart being very rigid, but consider this an Avon 3D Sport, high mileage with triple compound.....just a thought.
  10. Don't get me wrong, single continuous wire belt in these Contis make them a great tyre for coming up to temp and balance. I just found that the rubber doesn't perform as well after a hot run. No tyre is ever as good as new after a hot run, the rubber calvinates or whatever the expression is. Some tyres tend to recover/survive better than others. I reckon the Conti Sport Attacks would be better suited to a slightly heavier bike with more linear power delivery or a rider less inclined to drifting on exits and sliding on entries, somebody sane for instance.
  11. Going for my second set of Road Attack 2's on my 2010 Bandit got about 8000 kms out of them ,daily ride & weekend trips never had an issue with them grip wise but not feeling confident with them in the wet now that there getting down!