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Conti TKC70 - WOW!!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mick M, May 31, 2016.

  1. Had this rear hoop fitted to the Wee-Strom last Friday and just took the bike out for the first time tonight.

    Only took about 20min riding (about 15km), to give me the confidence of a fully scrubbed in tyre.
    Super smooth on the road, stable on well groomed gravel road (only got up to 90km today) and looks the part too.

    150/70/17 tubeless, fitted under $300.

    Thanks to Glenn @ Scotty's Dirt Bike Spares in Ringwood for the pre-sale advice and fitting.
    Also, his patience while I asked a million question and pawed all his tyres for an hour or so.

    Really looking forward to exploring more of my new playground in Sth Gippsland this Friday, possibly finding more off-road fun.

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  2. Nice one Mick. Will be keen to hear how they hold up long term.
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  3. Yep, I'll be keen to hear how these go.
  4. I've heard good things about these tyres Mick MMick M, now that Midas E07's seem to be not as good as they used to they might be the new tyre of choice for lots of adv/tourer riders.
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  5. Happy to act as the NR rolling test lab.
    Will keep you posted, as the miles add up
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  6. It's been about 3,000km, and I'm still very impressed.
    Great on all surfaces, sticky right to the edge, then a progressive slide.
    Most of my riding is touring and the centre is barely wearing. Certainly a long way from squaring off.

    Next update on my return from camping trip to the Grampians, in Sept.
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  7. After 7,000km, it's now squared off and the centre has about 50% tread left.
    The sides are barely touched, despite my best efforts to scrape the pegs at every opportunity, including roundabouts.

    Most of my riding has been solo, some touring, loaded with up to 40kg.
    About 600km was ridden two up, with my daughter.

    At this rate, I expect to perhaps reach 15,000km. That will be good value for money, as the traction and ride quality has been outstanding.
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  8. Heya :)
    Great to hear about the long life wear out of it.
    It's interesting that you say about the stickiness of it - I recently got Contis Trail Attacks II (albeit not the same tyre) but same construction material, single compound and technology... And I'm a bit meh on the grip especially on the wet.
    I find what ever compound they're using seems to be way less sticky that at least Metzelers, which is what I've mainly had for the last 3 tyre changes since they were so good!

    What did you have before that you find these Tyres quite sticky ?
  9. You'll laugh at this...

    The bike came with 2010 manufactured, Anakee 2 rubber, which was at 50% and I rode for another 10,000km, until it wore out.
    As a result, the back was quite 'interesting' in the wet.

    By way of a truer comparison, my GS500f had new Pirelli Sport Demons, which I was also pleased with.

    I've never had a sports bike, or ridden on top notch sticky rubber.
    Hence, my opinion is quite subjective.
  10. I wont laugh... I'm just... WOW! :eek::blackeye:

    Okkies :) Comprendido. That prob explains a lot to me. I think I will now fork out a lot of cash for really good race tyres due to their stickiness. Really makes you feel a lot safer on the road, especially in the wet and corners.
    Thanks for the honest review (y)
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  11. No WOW's necessary.... Ok, I'll take it :cool:

    Only buy race worthy rubber, if you're actually racing, though.
    It will never get hot enough on the road to be truly sticky. Part of the reason that slicks are not road legal.

    When shopping, I describe my general riding style to the tyre supplier, and then we discuss the correct tyre options.
    It boils down to the level of trust we have in the tyre bloke.
    I happen to trust mine.
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  12. 10,000km update.
    Still very happy with it.

    About 2mm tread left to the wear indicators.
    Might get another 2k, if I'm lucky.

    Will try a K60 Scout next, as a direct comparison.
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