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Conti sport attack

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by dezmonster, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Loving them so far (but generally a any new set feels good)
    Compared to the Michelin Pures I replaced they are really stable through
    the corners giving me a lot more confidence the Pures felt vague/nervous and wandered and liked to follow any grooves in the road.
    The grip feels really good ,heat up quickly and have a very sticky feel when
    you run your hands over them when warm.
    Turn in is brisk.
    Very good over loose gravel and damp roads , did a Weismans Ferry loop last weekend which if you have riden it lately you will know how bad it is ,especially going North towards six fingers (Spencer) great fun road but be warned lots of surprises .
    Lets see how long they will last as a single compound sports tyre.

  2. What are you riding & what PSI do you run?

    I'm running a set on the TRX now, replacing some Michelin PR2's, compared to the PR2's I need to run lower pressures to get them to feel neutral, otherwise they have a very pronounced tip in & it's hard (er) to get the bike back upright again...

    Got about 2-3K on them, the middle is starting to flatten, but I haven't been out for a good dry ride for a long time!

    Not sure I like them, TBH.
  3. Ducati Monster S2R1000 Full Arrows with upgraded Ohlins suspension
    Conti 35 F 36-38 R
    Pures I started at recommended by supplier 36-40 but had to drop them down as the bike was too nervous and had the back step out on me on a cold morning.
    Are you saying you dont like the Conti's or the Pure's ?
    The Conti's tip in really easily but on my set up they feel good especially when leaned over in a corner they feel really planted .
  4. Michelin 's are a twitchy tire and have been for years. Going back in the memory banks as far back as Michelin TX11 and TX23's always made a bike feel like it would track white lines and follow bumps in the road. I think it's just a michelin characteristic with the construction of their tyres.
  5. I also dont like michellins,yep contis will flatten out my girlfriends 250 does commute but also has a fair amount of twisties as well .Next time for the best of both worlds go for metzler M5s great grip good tip in and easy to change lines mid corner if needed and great in the wet as well.They transformed handling on my zx9.
    I have had these on for 5000 klm now.
    Did 1400 klm down to Phillip Island from Sydney for the GP yes we went the long way :)
    My god the Victorian Alps are good !!
    yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to do a track day at the Farm, chicken strips completely gone :) :) and some nice little balls on the edges.
    The conti sport attack printed on the tread on the tyre has only just gone , so they are waring very well with only the slightest bit of squaring from the PI trip , now almost gone after a track day.
    I have to say how good these are , once tipped in they hold their line
    very well and have not had any grip loss in any corner, they heat up quickly and have given me a lot of confidence .
    Oh and the Farm amazing track (Technically a private driveway LOL ;) but very technical with every corner a challenge decreasing radius increasing radius posItive and negative camber down hill and up hill blind corners hairpin and fast sweepers plus three straights.
    Perfect surface and good facilities , just don't get it wrong as there is NO run off and the odd tree to slow you down.
    It was a lot slower track than I anticipated but did manage to do 210 on the back straight , I cannot believe how quick Troy does it with two up Fn' scary my mates did the TB experience and just about shat them selves.

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  7. I have these on my hornet 919. Very sticky, tip in easily, lasting ok so far...4500k's
  8. Hmm are these the sport attack 2's or just sport attacks?
  9. Just the old SP Attack's
    They are gone now after a 1000k run through the Alpine roads of Vic
    very abrasive roads ! got home with the cords showing.
    So the update would be that although they only lasted 6.5 k (on a 1000cc ) the grip and feel were as good at the end as the start.
    This to me is a win as I have had a few tyres that go off towards the end of their days.
    As I dont commute and my bike is basically a sport toy I would rather a tyre that bestows confidence and grips its whole life than squeeze out a few more thousands Ks and having to nurse it home, i like to keep my skin on my body .
    The front is in really good shape no scalloping even ware and looks likely to last most of the next rear.
    I incedently put a set of Road attack 2's on the wifes 695 before our trip to the mountains.
    They feel great and have given her so much more confidence and hold a really steady line through the corner.
    They look to have held up better than the sport attack on my my bike when I did PI trip last year similar k's.
    From what I have read they are the go to tyre for a lot of people in the Nth Hemi for touring longevity.

    I have ordered the Sport Attack 2 rear , goes on next week.
    They are supose to be even better with the Black Chillie compound and ready out of the box with no break in period, but I cant see how as the sports are amazing.

    Maybe not for everyone as spending close to $300 on a rear so often is harsh but having a rear step out on you put you on the ground and trash your bike is way worse.
  10. Oh well its good to hear you were talking about the old ones, they are the one of the few tires that i can get with a 16" front wheel.