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Conti Sport Attack - rotation direction wrong?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by RED ZX, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. I was going to post in the Gear section, but I thought that this would get more views, and this isn't a review, if mods feel the need to move it, feel free, and sorry for any trouble,

    I just picked up my front wheel with new tyre fitted.

    Its a conti Sport Attack.

    I think they got the direction of rotation wrong.

    Instead of giving a rotation arrow on the tyre like I am used to with car tyres, it seems they have an arrow that should be pointing towards the front of the bike when that part of the tyre is on the bottom/ground. Like this:

    >--- FRONT --->

    does anyone have these tyres on at the moment that can confirm this for me? That the arrow should be pointing towards the front of the bike while the text it upright?

    That arrow points in the opposite direction to the rotation, which is where I think my tyre fitter got confused.

    For reference, the back tyre has <---- REAR ----<
    but it also points in the correct rotational direction.

    Or if it is easier for someone, should the arrow shaped grooves in the tread pattern point the same way front and rear?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Sounds backwards from your description, but if in doubt, just take it back to the shop. If it is wrong they will fix it.
  3. I have no problem in taking it back to the shop, just finding out for sure before I head off to work/drop tyre off again
  4. I dont have these tyres but if they are rotational and say they should be going one way then they should.

    Also depends what side your looking at the bike.

    E.g. You are looking side on of the bike on the side that the front brake and rear brake is on, then the tyres should read;

    >---rear---> >---front--->

    If you are looking side on of the bikes clutch and gear changing lever side, then should read;

    <---front---< <---rear---<

    QUESTION: If the wheel is off the bike, is there a difference if you just spin the wheel around to correct tyre or wont it fit??
  5. the wheel is directional and has a speedo drive on one side so it must go on this way.

    the kooky thing is it reads like this:

    Brake side:

    <---Rear--< >---front--->

    clutch side

    <--front---< >--rear-->
  6. well I am 99% sure it does anyway, thats what I am trying to confirm.
  7. A pic might be easier :)
  8. well after looking at their website pics, it seems the tread pattern is reversed for front and rear as shown here:
  9. Roll the bike forward - if the wheel is moving in the direction of the arrow then you're right. If not, it's wrong.
  10. thanks to all for your help, just seemed wierd to me i guess.

    all good now.

    thanks once again :cool:
  11. Have another look at the site and there is a shot of both treads going the same way.
    Do a quick Google image search and there are plenty of both. Maybe they swing both ways?
  12. sooo..what are these tires actually like for grip and wear?
  13. No one really knows. Everyone just stands and wonders if they're on the right way.......... :LOL:
  14. well from what I have heard the grip is good.

    Hopefully soon I will be able to comment for myself, and once I am done with them, will report on their wear.