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Conti Road Attack 2... for 600's?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kolin, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. So I loved my Bridgestone S20's on my 2012 ZX6R... went to order a new rear but my mechanic couldnt get one, had the choice of Pirelli (I hated Rosso 2) or Continentals. Did some research and called him up, ordered the Conti Sport
    Attack 2. Picked my bike up, rode home amazed by the feel; only to notice he had fitted a Road Attack 2 once I got home (thought it was awfully cheap so didnt ask questions!) . Rather than biatch and moan I thought I would give them a shot (ride 500kms a week commuting and only hit the twisties for a hard ride once a week). Needless to say I am thus far impressed. Confidence straight off the bat, hit the twisties today and went harder than ever and these things just stuck (@ stock 42 rear psi at that). Researched again and glad I didnt get the sport attack due to the amount of commuting I do, these things are meant to last allright. Just keen to hear others thoughts... I'm pretty hooked at the moment and cant wait to get rid of my S20 front for one of these... or would a sport attack front/road attack rear be best??? Hmmm

  2. SA front & RA rear will probably give you wear rates that are closer & a softer front than rear is not a bad thing. Personally, I liked the SA's at the start, but once they started to wear, not so much.
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  3. I have had three sets of SA 2s now on my 1000 cc Monster love them , had grip all the way until the cords were showing, only got around 8 k out of the rear but spirited riding and two trips in the snowies on the abrasive roads and a moto GP PI trip.
    Had the road attacks on the missus 695 bike she did the snowies and was a little disaspointed thought they would of lasted longer , squared off more than the SA 2s .
    The sports have a nice soft grip compound , for me I would rather have a tyre I have confidence in rather than trying to squeeze a few thou more Ks out of and not have the grip.
    I run 36 psi front and back.

    On a 600 I would go Sport front and back as you are not spinning up the rear as much as a litre bike , if you manage the psi they will last nearly as long as the road attack but give you way more grip .
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    I agree Dezmonster
    Looking forward to getting the SA front and seeing how it goes in the SA front / RA rear combo. Will post my findings later on, but so far pretty impressed and def converted from bridgestones :)