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VIC Contesting SRO vehicle valuation

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Peppy, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    I bought a bike this financial year, and just received a letter saying the valuation I listed when transferring registration undervalued the price, and I now have to pay extra based on what they consider the value of the vehicle to be.

    That's fine, only they've valued my 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250R at $8400. The letter instructs that I am able to object to their valuation of the vehicle. I intend to do so.

    Obviously I cant say what I think its worth, so can you please advise me of a free bike valuation service that I can submit to them to get the extra duties lowered? I don't think my agreed value on insurance would be acceptable.

    I have consulted bikesales.com.au, which values a new bike at $7000 and a used bike (private sale) at $3700 - $4400, so I feel as though I'm being taken advantage of.

    Could you please suggest alternatives that the state revenue department would take seriously?

  2. Tell em their dreaming!!!!

    Contest the crap out of that valuation, they have seriously over valued your bike.

    Give em hell.....
  3. So where did you buy it and what did you pay for it?
  4. redbook prices don't make sense to me - here's a summary:

    search criterea specified used bike, not new, but I think these are for new.

    2012 - 6000
    2011 - 7500 ($6000 if released in 2011)
    2010 - 7500
    2009 - 7500 ($7000 if released in 2008)
    2008 - 6500

    When I ask for further price details, it breaks down into private and trade in values, which are the same as the figures I've listed from bikesales. If I ask for more details I get the following:

    For the 2009 model released in 2008: $3,700 - $4,400
    For the 2009 model released in 2009 $3,800 - $4,600

    Looking at the values I listed first for 2008 - 2012 something looks wrong as the 2011 price is more than the 2012. Kawasaki did drop their prices by a grand or so (I don't recall specifically) But shouldn't that effectively lower the price on all years? Somebody who bought a 2011 and tries to sell at a loss of $500 would have trouble finding a buyer I would think.

    @smee, private sale paid with cash in December. I have most likely misplaced any written receipt, however the letter makes a point of saying that the vehicle duty is dependent on the value of the bike, not what the seller sold it to me for.
  5. Maybe they got your bike confused with another Ninja?

    You can buy a brand new Ninja 300 for $7000 on the road and CBR250's for more like $5500, so the market for used 250s has crashed. There are currently four 2008/2009 Ninja 250s advertised on bikesales.com.au for $3500 and twenty for $4000 or below, I'd print out a couple of pages of advert listings and say "hai guyz I think u r doin it wrong".
  6. I Appreciate the advice, everybody.

    @Justus, just so I am clear, it would be sufficient for me to write a reply letter stating the 2009 model valuations I have given, direct them to where I got that figure and state that I believe the bike value to be $3700.

    Do I need to provide evidence to suggest the bike was valued to the lower end of the scale?

    If they reject my assessment of the value, Will I be able to repeat this stage with more evidence, or is it likely to transition to some other mechanism such as a third party?

    Basically I don't want my letter to fall short in convincing them of the value of the bike and escalate the situation.

  7. FFS-tell em its a 250 ninja,,the penny will drop.
  8. sounds like they think its a ninja 650r. see if a local dealer will give you a written price on what its worth.
  9. IIRC the Vicroads documents state that they (Vicroads) are the final arbiter of the dutiable value of the vehicle. I would like to think that they will cave when presented with some credible evidence. But if not, I would be thinking along the lines of taking it to VCAT, who would have the power to investigate whether they have followed fair and legal process in determining a figure. It would also hold the matter up for months and not cost you very much.
  10. Whats to say it wasnt a shabby piece of learner abused crap that was worth 1/2 the value of a half decent example.
    Worth buying as a cheap starter run-about.
    Tell em to get farked--its worth what a BUYER pays for it--not what some book says.
  11. What purchase price did you put on the registration transfer, that's what they work off, in SA at least. Sounds like some dildo has just typed the wrong bike specs into their terminal. Lets face it most people working in those places wouldn't know a Ninja from a Busa.
    Anyway sounds like Justus is on the case for you.
  12. And this is the whole issue I have with companies calling a budget learner bike a zx2r ninja. The ninja name denotes something high performance and sharp. These morons don't understand that it is a learner bike that makes a grand total of 29.1hp. My farts produce more power than that. These companies need to go back to calling these bikes appropriately. Rename the ninja 250r and 300 as the gpx 250 and 300 or even go back to the zzr name. Sure they perform perfectly well for their intended purposes but they are not and never will be close to their big brothers. I also hate having to pay stamp duty etc on any second hand vehicle purchases. The original owner has already paid on the original new purchase just put your shitty rubber stamp on the transfer and be done with it.

  13. I feel like giving you a tin of beans, sitting you on a pushbike and racing you.

    You're right, its just somebody in an office looking up a make/model and inserting the listed price off a database into a letter, no sanity checks whatsoever.

    Gave them a call today and asked them to check the value, and they stuck to the value printed on the letter and told me to write to them. Looks like I'll do that and sort things out, and yes I'm getting help from @Justus. :)

    There's no reasonable way they can stick to that price after I point out how valuation services I have available to me compare and/or what private sale prices are listing as.

    I'll keep you guys updated in a week or two when I've heard back from them.
  14. Tell them you want a further deduction for forking you around and wasting your time, bloody public service, your taxes at work phffft.
  15. I received a similar letter 8 or so years back after *ahem* doing what most people do when transferring rego on a private sale. I ignored their request for more money and surprisingly, never heard another thing about it!
  16. Got a letter in the mail today.

    no monies to pay!

    More fuel money for me (y)

    Thanks for the help everybody!
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  17. The ZX2R is the good Ninja... It's definitely worthy of the Ninja brand. Ever ridden one?