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VIC Contest a non-camera Infringement Notice?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by J_S1000RR, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. This afternoon a Motorcycle Traffic Cop pulled me over. He asked me if I was in a hurry to get back to work (obviously trying to get me to admit speeding). Unfortunately I asked "you mean at the red lights back there?", rather than "traffic" lights. Don't know why - the lights were actually green the entire way through the intersection - just a bit of a brainfart. He took that as an admission of guilt for running a red light and gave me a ticket, despite me correcting him three times. So it's basically my word against his if I go to Court and I'm thinking that they're just going to side with him. BUT I DIDN'T RUN THE THE LIGHT!!! The only posts I can find relate to speeding or camera offences... Any advice?

  2. Woops!

    You can take it to court, people have beaten a cops word before. If he plays back the recording from what you've said it is not an admission of guilt so if that's the only evidence he has got he may not bother contesting it.

    I would fight it.
  3. I would too
  4. OK, I'll change my question a bit. How much extra is it going to cost to have this heard in Court? The fact is that he's a dirty liar and knows full well that I went through a green. It's corrupt Policing at best and at the very least I want it on record that someone's objected to his accusation and labelled him as dishonest. If it happens enough then maybe they'll pay attention and review his dodgy tickets.
  5. No red light camera at that intersection I assume?
    Could be argued that calling them "Red Lights" is a term sometimes used regardless of what colour they are.
    Did he follow you through the lights? Wonder if they were red when he went through if he did.

  6. Nope - he was 90 degrees to my left, allegedly. There is a red light camera at the intersection, but only covering the direction he was travelling in. I've never wanted a red light camera to be somewhere until now...!
  7. From unfortunate experience... "The onus is on the officer to prove his reasoning for the issue of the ticket beyond a reasonable doubt" I had to pay my own court costs, it was under $100. Fine was thrown out. HTH

  8. Thanks mate. I'll wear an extra $100 for challenging him (in the event his version of events - read: lies - is upheld). I can't just accept points when I'm not guilty of the offence. It's made me consider fixing a camera to my bike for the future (which surely Police bikes should have?!)
  9. Were the lights in sight and red when he was booking you?
  10. As above fight it in court its not that expensive and magistrates are good
  11. If you contest it, the matter may not even arrive in court.

    I'm not overly familiar with the process, but it sounds like if someone else were to review the evidence trying to decide whether they can prove your guilt they would find it a bit thin.

    Unless the officer now fabricates an account of how he watched, stunned, as you sped through the red light, knocking over a group of schoolchildren all while popping a wicked wheelie and giving him the finger. Could happen.
  12. Nope.

    If his version of events were true then I'd have crossed seven lanes of 70km/h traffic wearing just a suit; and it then have taken him 10-20 seconds to catch up to me 400m up the road... on his BMW R1200RT. No lights and sirens going either.
  13. I'm hoping that someone reviews it and sees him for what happened - he wanted to bust me for speeding, thought I'd admitted a different offence, took the easy route. Lazy, dodgy Policing.

    He started making reference to my shredded tyres saying I do track days so clearly ride dangerously... no you dick, that's WHY I do track days so I can ride fast off the public roads!
  14. I've sent off the notice to contest the charge in Court and will update the thread with the outcome.
  15. i have heard traffic lights commonly spoken of as red lights, so contest away
  16. Unfortunately, if you are lucky you probably will never hear anything, which is not as good as getting a letter saying you were right.

    But you won't know until you've heard nothing for twelve months.
  17. If he was watching you while stopped at a red light as you passed through on the intersecting street, then it stands to reason that you had a green light. ;)
  18. I just found something online about that - pretty average that they can keep you hanging around for a YEAR until they serve you with Court papers. Also read that the Court fees are only $45 so that's a no-brainer.
  19. Bugger that mate - I would certainly take it further.
    Nothing worse than being accused of something you didn't do.

    Definitely take it further - especially given the other fellas above believe it to be not as expensive as what you might think.

    Good luck ;)