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Contemplating Buying a Car.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Big Chris, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    this is another problem related to my crash,
    have been for more physio today,
    but one thing they can't fix,
    damaged tail bone and my shiny metal ass,
    Sitting on any remotely hard seat,
    even the ones in the subaru libery that I borrowed off dad are too hard,
    gives me lots of pain,
    so riding a bike is not on the cards for a while,
    like several months at least, I have been told.

    I wont be


    until this :butt: heals,


    A car with nice comfortable seats, lol.

  2. badarse
  3. celicas have nice comfy seats
  4. Hey Andrew,
    thanks but is a bit far away from Brisbane.
  5. how does Loz cope with his arse issues ?
  6. Regular aeration does wonders.
  7. When you get back into it, make sure you get a nice corbin seat..
  8. Seriously, try a sportsbike. That's why I bought the 9R. You're leaning forward so you're up off your hiney.
  9. If you want comfy seats the humble commodore is hard to go past. My dad has problems with his coccyx and the commodore is the only car he can travel any distance in without discomfort. 10 year old Calais or Belinas are cheap as chips and plentiful.
  10. Chris

    I have issues with my coccyx as well, it shifts from side to side and because of it, I spent from about 5 months preggy in a wheelchair for both of my pregnancies.
    I used to ride the GPX250 and found that to be ok as long as I didnt ride for too long.
    Now I ride the V-Strom and have no issues at all. I thought I would due to the fact that you are sitting up more, but none yet.

    But I will see how I go with the ride to Mildura and back in a couple of weeks :?

    Good Luck
  11. +1 for the Commodore seats.
    Also anything French, Renault, Peugeot etc.