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Contagious Greetings

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ricksters68, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I remember the first time I rode my bike 6 months ago, every motorbike rider I come across with always gives me nudge or waved. This happens everytime and makes you feel good saying hello back.
    Now, everytime I see a biker on the road, I always greet them as well. You dont see this in car drivers....they abuse you instead of saying hello :evil:

    Is this a common thing in other states? :cool:

    Say hello to your fellow bikers next time your on the rode. :)
  2. Sydney riders - if you see a guy with a yellow helmet on a really loud white Honda wave both hands in the air at you: don't worry!

    That's just LPCIII and he's decided 'the nod' is too boring.

    --[Sry to seriously confused dude on Hyosung this afternoon! :LOL: there weren't any cops or whatever you thought he meant]--
  3. Melbourne riders are friendly that way as well.

    About other motorists, I first found it strange that almost everyone I went past would give an acknowledgement with their index finger by lifting it as they drove past when I was living/working in Central and Northern Queensland. People are generally friendlier that way in the country areas.
  4. Yeah I think that guy didn't know what to do, he looked liek a stunned mullet.

    Also I really think we need to step up the nod, also while we were heading up the Old Pac was able to give a couple of bikers a good old salute. I think it just puts a smile on peoples faces, except if you ride a yellow Hyosung.

    Ktulu, I really hope he was able to get his eye back on the road quick enough. :p
  5. Gotta love the nod, I always give it to every rider (postie, harley, scooter, doesn't matter) and 50% of the time get a response.

    I even gave a nod at the lights to a bloke who kept looking at me curiously, so i said "are you a netrider?" and he was all "yeah, you're mattyb yeah?"
    haha, was great.
  6. The difference is 6 months ago, only the dedicated riders were on the road braving the cold and enjoying their rides; right now, the squids and part-timers are out in flocks. It will only get worse as summer progresses.
  7. hehe, i saw a confused looking guy while i was sitting at the lights last night. he kept on checking the bike out, i could see him looking between the bike and me. finally he gave a small and unsure nod - AHA a bikeless biker i thought, poor guy - i nodded back and his face broke into a big smile. sweeet.
  8. Here in QLD I notice that generally cruiser riders nod to other cruisers, and sportsbikers nod to other sportsbikes. I try and nod to all bikers- their problem if they don't want to acknowlege me.
    I have found though that everyone is less likely to nod during the weekday commute- everyone is all tense and in a hurry. It is on the weekends that most people will acknowlege you.
    Also I have nodded at bikers while I am in the cage :oops: forgetting what I am doing.
  9. I have noticed this as well.
    Long live the nod. :beer:
  10. I waved my arse off at a Harley rider once.

    ...It took that contagious to wave back...


    I kill me.
  11. rofl

    Best. Word. Pun. Thingy. Ever, Loz :LOL:
  12. :rofl: I would never have got that had it not been for Ktulu. You're a crack up Loz! :LOL:
  13. :shock: Not nice :rofl:
  14. I'm a pillion nodder from way back, now with my own set of 2 wheels I'm nodding at everything.

    I do try and restrain myself when i'm in my cage coz I'm sure the first thing that comes across a male riders mind when they see a chick in a red nissan micra is 'hey she must have a bike' :p
  15. I got nodded at by a beautiful looking guy in a red ute yesterday. I was turning off the Bass Hwy and he was turning on to it and I couldn't help but look at him :wink: and he smiled and nodded. I was all 'Whoa! He just nodded at me'. lol. So I nodded back. hehe.

    And I was turning onto a road the other day at the same time another rider was...I got a bit nervous...let him go first...had my visor up...flashed him a big goofy learner smile and he smiled back and nodded. :)

    I love nods!
  16. I commute each day on a cruiser and try to make contact with other riders.

    generally I find that sportsbike will ackowledge sportsbikes.

    Today, I had an experience to top every thing!!!!

    A red ducati was coming towards me and.........wait for it.....

    HE NODDED TO ME!!!!!!!

    Well, my first reaction was to immeadiatly dropped the bike and slide head first into a brick fence.

    Luckily for me, the following driver (apparently) was a paramedic coming off duty and he (apparently) attended to my unconcious state.

    When I did regain concsiousness, with the aid of the oxygen, they asked me what happened (the duke rider was NOT going to tell his story for fear of retributions from the sportsbike fraternity!).

    After the shock of my story, the paramedic went into a violent cardiac arrest and we both shared the ambulance back to he hospital.

    Last thng I remember at the scene was the Duke drive "whipping" my cruiser with a broken branch but I still think his kick to my head was a bit extreme.(I can still see his steel cap coming straight at my nose!!!!)

    I might have to avoid eye contact with sportsbike riders from now on to prevent the embarrassment caused to everyone.

    anyone else had such problems????? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  17. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    I like that!!!

    ...'tho I ride a Duc and nod all the time :wink:
  18. I've only had one that I've noticed so far.

    & I was so excited, the second I got to work I called my best mate & I told him, hahahah.

    Every other time I've riden there's been no bikes around...