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Contacts / Glasses

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Monty, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Hi Girls and Guys

    I wear contacts normally and am soon to be riding and wondering if anyone out there has or does or knows someone who rides with contacts in. Any problems with them?

  2. Nope no worries and a much better idea than wearing glasses (accident + glasses = nasty).

    Have you thought about getting your eyes lazered? Hurts like hell but its much better in the long run :)
  3. I wear glasses and occasionally contacts. Neither are any real problems other than fogging for the glasses in cold weather and peripheral vision, given that my glasses aren't "wrap around" and I can't see out the corners of my eyes. That can cause issues, when turning to look for traffic, if I have a neck warmer or balaclava on, which restricts my neck movement.

    As for the laser treatment, a couple of friends have had it done, but they didn't have any problems with pain or after-effects.
  4. I wear em just about all the time ( glasses ) and have never had a problem , as for the added risk in an accident ?
    Well with the right fitting helmet this is not an issue,

    I've had one MAJOR accident when being T boned by a car 15odd years ago, and went over the car and landed on the sidewalk 15mtrs away.
    Plenty of damage to myself but my glasses and eyes etc were undamaged. However my helmet was very worse for wear !! ( still got it in shed too )

    Bob :)
  5. Heya,

    I wear glasses... How much does lazer cost??

    Lisa :twisted:
  6. Hey lisa , not sur about QLD but down in sunny old melb , it averages out at about 1500 per eye

    Its on my list but ther is alot of other stuff on that wish list too

  7. I read a story in MCN once about some guy who smacked his head while wearing sunnies which then shattered and went into his eyes....not nice :(
  8. I wear both glasses and contacts when riding.

    My glasses are prescription oakleys, not sunglasses, but they do have the straight sports style leg, which makes it easier to get in and out with the helmet on. They are almost wrap around, so I don't have any issues with obstructed vision.

    Contacts are great, but I usually wear my sunnies when i have them on. If I lift up my visor, my eyes have a tendency to dry out quicker than I can blink if I don't have the sunnies on. Anyone who's worn contacts can confirm that the contacts aren't comfortable if they start to dry out. For me, if they do it starts to feel like I have something in my eye.

    Otherwise, it's all good!
  9. [quote="NovaCoder
    I read a story in MCN once about some guy who smacked his head while wearing sunnies which then shattered and went into his eyes....not nice :([/quote]

    Yeah i read that too ........ open face helmet !! say no more
  10. Im not trying to start a debate or anything like it, but you can find negatives or horror storys about anything if you try.

    I just wear my normal prescription glasses not wrap around or anything special, and have never had any vision related problems ( related to rideing ) blurred from to much alcamahole yeah but not on the bike .
  11. Thanks for all the feedback. I wear contacts everyday and from what you are saying it won't be anyworse than at work where I sit near an aircon vent which dries my contacts out every day :(
  12. Yeah i read that too ........ open face helmet !! say no more[/quote]

    That can only happen when you have REAL glass. Most glass's now are plastic lens's so that wont happen.
  13. The only place i've found that is worse than my air conditioned office, is a smokey night club.
  14. The best thing I did was buy contacts. When I first started riding, I wore glasses....I quickly destroyed the arms from shoving them in my helmet. I wore glasses a couple of weeks ago for the first time in ages and felt really unhappy with the whole "can't see everything in my peripherals" thing! Needless to say, contacts are the way I will continue to go in the future!

    I get a little bit of drying, but usually when I'm really tired and on really cold nights. Other than that, no problems!

    :D :D :D
  15. Get laser surgery, its the best thing i've ever done. :D :D :D

  16. Yup, I wear contacts and glasses. I find in Canberra my eyes dry out really quickly so I always take along eye drops. It's a biatch when you're riding and you can't see in one eye lol.

    I've got a pair of prescription sunnies and normal sunnies which I wear with the contacts and before I bought those I made sure they fit with the helmet on. It becomes quite annoying at when your sunnies are digging into the side of your head...

    Finally with laser surgery, I'll do it but I'd rather wait awhile. My optomitrist told me that they still don't know about the long term effects, since the surgery techniques change almost every 6 months.
    It's also different for each person because the eye heals differently for everyone. And he ended up saying that of all the surgeons who recommend laser surgery, they are all still wearing glasses lol

    But even saying that, I'll still get them done if I can somehow get the Army to pay for it :)
  17. I wear sunglasses (not prescription ones) throughout the year, so when I bought my lid I made sure to get one that lets me wear them comfortably (TZ-1, in case anyone cares). I've ridden with and without, and I don't really find a comfort difference. I'm sure this would be the same with prescription glasses too.

    As for safety concerns - if you have a full-face helmet, I can't see it making any difference. Just make sure you wear plastics on an open face to avoid the possibility of a shattered lens if/when something nails you there.
  18. I wear sunnies under the visor (I dont need contacts or prescription glasses). Like Voyager a Shoei TZ1 helmet (has channels in the padding for glasses arms). Only problem i've had is forgetting to take the sunnies off before pulling the helmet off. I how have sunnies that don't have the extra plastic bits on the bridge any more (they rip your skin above your nose when performing aforementioned manouvre). I also prefer sunnies without side frames to give just that bit extra visibility. The sunnies live in the bike (good ol Across boot) as it is painful and dangerous riding in full sun without them - at least for me).
  19. i just use a tinted visor most of the time, if i know i am going to be doing night riding i genrally use sunnies under a clear visor, or just take my clear visor with me (it is ok with the simpson as the visor isn't much bigger than a pair of sunnies anyway :LOL:
  20. I wear contacts, I'd like to get laser done, but my pupils are too big for the current technology. I don't find anything wrong with them, and I flick my visor up quite a lot of times, but you'll also see me blink quite often.