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Contact lens; how to??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Heya all;

    I like to face my fears or dislikes, sometimes, and tonight I scored some free old contact lens, -2.25 or something. 7 pairs in total, dailys only.

    So, as someone who really hates the thought of someone touching (or licking) my eyeballs, any hints how to best insert and remove the suckers??

    What if I get them stuck in? Backup plan? Solutions??


    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
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    Mate, its easy.
    Wash your hands first, i then put the lens on my index finger and drop a bit of contact lens fluid on it, i find it then sits in my eye better. Then pull down the skin under your eye, look up, and just push the lens gently against your eye.

    After a few times you'll wonder what the fuss is about. If you can feel them in your eye then they are the wrong shape.

    Taking out, i do a similar thing, except i pull the lens down on my eye and sort of pinch it very gently between my thumb and forefinger to get it out.
  3. Kinda obvious, but you are absolutely sure they are the right prescription for you... aren't you? (Being a free score and all).

    I used to find I needed a mirror to get them in properly. You'll feel them for the first few minutes, and then the feeling should go away. But get some grit under them and you'll know all about it!
  4. If you go to any optomotrist and tell them you are thinking of getting contact lenses they'll give you a free eye test and some sample lenses to try.
    As well as showing you how to insert and remove them.
    Then go on on quicklens.com (thanks Raj) and buy them for about 1/4 the price.
  5. Go get some free lenses and a free lesson from your optometrist.

    Handy to have someone who knows what they're doing there to help you as well, but yeah, easy as after a few tries.
  6. I'm absolutely sure, that they aren't the right ones for me!! I'm only borrowing them to see what it's like to take them in and out - seeing other people do it kinda nerves me out...

    I'm going to try this sunday night when I don't have to work for a few days - thus if I have issues I have a few days to right them... might go buy some eye juice too.

    Thanks all - will post updates on how I end up.
  7. Also go to your chemist and get some Opti-Free and be rather generous when using it to put them on. Apparently helps quite a lot with irritation and lubrication. Mrs Messy swears by it.
  8. You are far better off going to the optometrist in this case. Millions of people use contacts, you will be fine. But start off with ones that are the correct prescription for you, and they can help you put them in and out as well.
  9. Sounds pretty darn stupid to put in the wrong ones. It takes a while to get comfortable with the right ones let along the wrong ones and brand can make a huge difference too. Go get measured for the right ones.

    Until then, grab some mascara and start putting that on. Seriously. In general girls are better with contacts because they are used to their eyes getting touched.
  10. So what's the verdict on the "novelty" lenses then? I've seen some nice zombie ones, and would love to wear a single crosshair on occasion.
    Oh and I've applied plenty of eyeliner over the years...

  11. depends how much you like your corneas. You can get them fitted properly too.

    If you're used to touching your eyes you'll probably not be such a retard that you cant get them out. Just take them out if they feel funny and dont have them in too long (says the girl who has had hers in for a week straight ](*,))
  12. Have these lenses been used by someone else previously? If so, I reckon that you're crazy if you decide to go through with this.

    You don't know if the lenses are damaged. If they are, then the chances of eye injury are high.

    And don't forget the chances of cross-infection, too, if they are used.

    Do what others are saying - book an appointment with an optometrist and get it done right.

    (I've been using soft contact lenses since 1987).
  13. ^^ He said 7 pairs of dailies - they're sealed and sterile.

    Wash your hands, get a mirror and put the lens on your finger. Make sure it's the right way up or it won't go in properly and feel really weird. It should be consistently round and not taper off near the edges. Put it in slowly and make sure it 'seals' itself around your eye before blinking. Try to keep your eye and the lens wet and it's a lot easier too.
  14. Where did he write that they're "sealed and sterile"?
  15. It's sort of implicit in the fact that they are dailies ie. wear once then discard. I'm sure there are people around who re-use their dailies, but they wouldn't hang on to 7 pairs of worn ones.

  16. We are talking motorcyclists though :bolt:
  17. And I DO know people who reuse their dailies...
  18. Pro tip: If you are touching your eyeball when applying mascara you're doing it wrong.
  19. ha yeah...."they are used to AROUND their eyes getting touched."
  20. If he has seven pairs of already used daily contact lenses of the wrong prescription he's intent on using I'll eat my own face

    Also pro-tip: buy anti-bacterial soap. You REALLY do not want an infection in your eye. When you put in contacts you have basically a petri dish stuck to your eye and any bacteria there can really go wild. Never sleep in them either.. It's not nannying, you can really get ****ed up if you don't and potentially lose sight. Don't risk it.. Do it properly