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Contact for Gearsack Australia?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MV, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. I am trying to get hold of Gearsack Australia to see if they can repair my bag, but the only contact details I can find for them is this: http://www.hotfrog.com.au/Companies/Gearsack-Australia, the number goes straight through to a fax.

    Search turned up nothing.

    Any one got a recent contact number? TIA.
  2. i reckon if u go to a bike shop or a major supplier that supplies gearsack stuff u should be able to get some sort of contact details from them, they have to order them in so they have to contact someone to order through, hth
  3. I tried to track them down recently - with no success.
    If they do still exist they must be run by complete incompetents, seriously how hard is it to get at least a basic website up and running.
    Think my money will be going to New Zealand's Ventura instead, I've no sympathy for any Australian owned company that goes broke because of piss-poor management. No one should ever have to hunt down a company for sales or after sales service.
  4. I think ron angel are the wholesalers - they might know what the story is...


    Wholeheartedly agree it is bizarre that Gearsack doesn't seem to exist...
  5. a salesguy at new world honda said that ventura had taken over gearsack dont know if its true tho
  6. All right, good to know I'm not completely incompetent!

    Thanks for the info guys, I'll make some calls today & see how I go. :grin:
  7. Just spoke to Ron Angel Importers and was told that Gearsack has not been around for over 10 yrs
  8. For those lovers of Gearsack here is some history:
    My Dad, Jack Burger, invented Gearsack, sold it to PGF, then he left and the business went downhill. PGF then sold it to Ron Angel.
    To get a Gearsack repaired look for someone with an industrial sewing machine. I know that some hiking shops repair hiking bags which require tough sewing machines.
    Damien Burger
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  9. Neither has this thread, almost.
  10. What's damaged on the bag (post a pic)? I could put you in contact with parachute riggers I know, they sew a lot of cordura type material, so will have access to material, thread and machines capable.
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  11. MV, I work at Australian Canvas Co. in Bayswater.
    All we have are industrial machines and materials.
    What do you need ? IE - where's the damage to the bag ?
    Depending on how it has been constructed we should be able to repair it.
    Give us a call or send us an email. 9720 6788
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  12. I'm sure MVMV appreciates the help. You do realise he wrote that post just over 6 years ago though, right? :)
    I wonder if he does indeed still need that bag repaired (or maybe for the 3rd or 5th time around)?
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  13. Haha, didn't check that, just noticed a few other replies from yesterday too. Lol.

    MV, how'd you go? Ever get that bag repaired?
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  14. Shit, I can't even remember what bike that was for! :D

    Thanks for posting guys, I'm sure the info will come in handy for someone & that's the whole point of Netrider, right?

    Thanks for the history lesson too, Damien!