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constructive critisim etiqute

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Chrisco7689, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. well i finished work tonight and took off home.. i eneded up behind a bike and was just watching him ride.. he took his first corner turned thru the apex way to late and ended up on the shoulder (doing speed limit) i though well ok wake up buddy... any way next roundabout 2 lanes i was inside he went out.. he took very left track turned the apex to early and ended in my lane (was expecting it so took very right track and just leaned it in more around the bend) any way ended up side by side at lights and was thinking to myself should i just mention something or offer him a few sugesstions to keep him in his own lane.. but me being so young hhe might take it as me trying to be a cocky young fella?

    would you find it offensive if someone random offered u constructive critisim?
  2. Yes, especially if I'm playing a game of "Avoid the patch of road I don't like the look of the most" on the way home.
  3. Whether this is right or not, I've only had a bike licence for a little bit, but...I don't really try to hit apex's and all that crap while im in traffic. It's not a race track.
  4. Would you be offended if I pointed out two major spelling mistakes in your thread title???

    Some people don't mind advice, some people want you to mind your own business. Most of the time in the scenario you describe, you don't get a chance to offer advice anyway......
  5. I would find it offensive... Mind you it does depend on the circumstances a bit.

    Generally when I get 'advice' from someone I just met I think that they are a tool
  6. Maybe he would have seen you if you were wearing a nice red jacket Chris. :LOL:
  7. unfortunately other motorcycles can be just as much of a hazard as cars sometimes, depending on whos in control of the bike.

    if theyre not aware that they cant even stay in their lane then just keep your buffer zone and take it like any other hazard.
  8. ha ha... did u end up selling it? yea i thought it would be offensive thats why i said nothng but still its not good to be ending up in other lanes... i dont get offended easyily so if someone was to say something with spelling or grammar i wouldn't care lol

    i always go riding in ggroups on sundays and me being the youngest of them they all seem to be trying to help with advice and i found it has made me a heaps better rider
  9. For me it wouldnt matter how old you are or what your licence status is, it would depend on the tone of voice used. Generally I take advise from people openly. If they are clearly a better rider than i am then i would not only accept it but prob bombard them with further questions.
  10. ...well i know i ride like a muppet, especially with other bikes, though im usually taking the race line... I say let people ride how they want, if it annoys you or u think it's dangerous, either back off or squirt past. Unfortunately unless they get training, theres only one way to learn and that ends in tears.
  11. Just be offensive..."Nice bike...pity about the rider" then look away... :p :cool:
  12. Car, bike or ped - you end up in my lane incorrectly, I'll let you know. I'm good like that.
  13. If you pulled up next to me and gave advise, id tell you where to go.
    No one likes to be told they cant ride, no matter how garbage they are.

    If he asked for advise, different story.
  14. In your situation I would have sounded your horn to let them know about it. Easier said than done though when you are trying to avoid them or are going through a corner.
  15. I'd welcome it, as long as it was given in the right manner.

    But if I'm riding like a fool. I wouldn't mind if they were a bit harsh. :LOL:
  16. +1

    i treat any road user the same. IMO, every road user has equal status unless they happen to be of the emergency services variety.
  17. It's likely that most riders would be offended, since your advice is uninvited, and the two of you are strngers to each other. Not to deminish your good intentions, though.

    Plus...good or decent advice can't be given in "sound bites" from underneath a Helmet at a corner...such matters take time for reasonable explanation etc..

    Similarly, I nearly always just ride on as soon as I can get clear and leave them to their own devices - unless of course, there is a good chance they are going to die at the next corner - then I will try to get their attention...

  18. Given the opportunity, I would have simply said something along the lines of them needing to take a bit more care with their cornering as they ended up almost taking you out and came clsoe to going off the edge of the road. Suggest that checking out some organisations like CSS, Stay Upright etc are great for improving skills of ALL riders & wish them a safe ride home.

    I do note that most of the people saying that they would be offended etc. are in their early 20s and likely think they ride like king shit. Everyone has something to learn, if you don't take advice, evaluate it and then act on its merits, then you are a fool.
  19. So hold up.

    He was in one lane, and you were in another, and due to what appeared to you to be a lack of skill on his behalf, he ended up in your lane. And had you not previously taken some precaution, he would have run in to you, or at least put you in a sticky situation?

    Telling him to 'stay in his effing lane' isn't advice man!

    If some fool in a car did it to you while you were in your car, you'd give them a quick beep or a flash. Give them the hint.
  20. please re read my post deavo...