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Constantly cracking and losing L and P plates?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ngalbrai, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Reminded this morning as a P-plater in front lost his plate.

    Take about 5, punch holes out in top and bottom - zip tie them tightly together at the bottom and top and secure the whole lot, is thick enough to not keep cracking and falling off. Worked for me for a year.

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  2. never had the problem with the bikes I've had
  3. Neither. My old L plate is on my old bike for a second round and it's going strong.
  4. Haven't lost a p plate yet either..

    its only held in by a screw.
  5. My L, now my P, are fine on my bike. Like Mikey's its only held on by a screw.
    But it is a flexible plate so that would explain why it wouldn't break.

    Was the plate one of the thicker hard plastic ones? I can see them breaking easily.
  6. Mine doesn't break but has worn at bottom from getting caught in the rear tyre and has lost its bottom part of the "L"
  7. Well get of ya L s then
  8. Only reason i've need to replace L/P plates is from me breaking them when putting on/taking off my bike cover
  9. same here
    I do see tonnes of bikes with semi-destroyed L or P plates though
  10. Bolt a magnetic plate on, flexes in the wind, no worries of breaking off....
  11. Kmart have reversible L/P plates in a flexible plastic that doesn't look like it would break. They come with suction cups for attaching to a car window, but you cloud easily cable tie them onto a bike's rear mudguard or number plate bracket I think. I bought some yesterday in preparation for getting my first bike.
  12. Same. With L plates - I put it on so it's actually sitting on my rear wheel guard and doesn't get caught by the wind.

    Same again :)
  13. in the wet they bend and fold back allowing the rear tyre to shred them. cut a groove in mine and eventually took a chunk off.
  14. woah
    hot chick !
    quick scroll up !!!
  15. It probably depends on the bike and rear guard setup. I punched holes near the two top corners and cable tied it to the number plate bracket, but with its top edge tucked under the number plate. It looks like a muflap and it was fine after my ride to Eildon and back last weekend. Quite a percentage of that ride was in the wet, L plate is fine.
  16. I lost my first L plate within 1 hour of putting it on and my 2nd one lasted until I got my license and took it off. It all depends on the material used. My first one was a thick ridid plastic and my 2nd one was a thinner more flexible plastic.
  17. I glued mine to a sheet of steel (1mm zinc plate).

    It lasted after that.
  18. This is what I've done. One screw and a zip tie!

  19. i when i was on l's bought a cars L plate holder, and just bolted it across the back of the number plate and never had a problem, had to drill a hole in a different spot due to smaller numberplate, but it worked great
  20. I've cable tied mine to the side of my numberplate. It's fun because when I corner vigorously it scrapes along the road.