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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rdkls, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. I just had a very reasonable interaction with a policeman.
    In fact, most of my interactions with the constabulary on my bike have been very reasonable.

    I'm saying this because otherwise you only hear about the bad ones, and I've always thought cops in general deserve more credit and less maligning.
    (sits back down)

  2. And what was the topic of conversation tonight? :LOL:
  3. always good to hear :)

    i'mma bet ten +1 he was one of the older boys
    the newbies are so highly strung. ie, Burnoutsville, population: Probationary Constable.
  4. Only ever was pulled up once on my bike.
    Of all people it was Hubie, from "Ask Police" here on NR.
    I found him polite, down to earth and reasonable.
    Loved his bike too ! :p
  5. Congratulations, you've passed the police attitude test.
  6. In nearly 4 years of riding I've only had one interaction with police and that was an RBT, which they waved me through.... They seem okay by me.
  7. It's the luck of the draw really...Like everything in life there is good and bad...
    I have had the pleasure of many decent and fair-minded occifers, that are'nt out to flex their power - just wanna do their duty respectfully and let you be on your way...
    Then there are the godlike twats, that really just can't help but make trouble when there is'nt any, and get their kicks throwing the power around....

    Trouble is, you can't smack the bad ones in the gob, like they deserve.

    For me, it seems that my respect or disrespect depends solely on the experience from the last policeman that dealt with me.

    Glad you got one of the many good ones that are out there.
  8. So you bribed him with a fish? :LOL:
  9. To be honest, in all my interactions with the popo they have been quite professional... just people doing their jobs (but sometimes quite lazy eg. at the station or at the scene of accident).

    Only when you get pulled over for speeding do they become raging demons.
  10. Does the smacking work both ways :wink: ?

  11. My experiences have ranged from professional and basically friendly, to a bit rude but disinterested, to stupid - a finger-waving woman from Kew station who needs some training in logic and how not to exacerbate nothing into something (I was a third party observing). The majority have fallen into the first category. Unfortunately, as in politics, the sort of people who would ideally make the most intelligent and ethical cops are, because of what in them is in tandem with those virtues, often the sort who would get burnt out or emotionally break down earlier. From what I hear privately from inside the union side of it...a really tough job!
  12. Won't go into details but a couple of bad things.
    Wasn't super-old ... probably 35.
  13. Ive had a few ineractions, never had a problem always been very polite and friendly. Had one a few months back for speeding, and was a bit of a smartass about my points but otherwise friendly enough.

    I think its also how the rider/driver behaves towards the officer also that determines how they behave towards the driver/rider.
  14. ^^ Yup, like Sooty said... first thing that is applied when they get out of their car/bike is the attitude test, if you pass then 99% (ie. respectful, polite) it will go well, if you fail (ie. smartass, abusive, argumentative) then its never going to end well.
  15. What the Gixxer champ said :LOL: