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Consquences of not enrolling to Vote?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mkey, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. I have been trying to get accurate information on this Topic, but the information I seem to be coming across is out of date or contradictory, I have a good friend who has been off the Electoral roll for many years, she recently moved Interstate and got a new license and from that process the AEC has now got her address and details, she was sent one letter advising she needed to update her details and register to vote. she consequently ignored it, she has since received a 2nd notice letter saying that if she doesn't respond within 14 days, more action will be taken.

    Just what can they do? how far does it escalate?

    She has said that if things are going to get messy and legal, she'll bite the bullet and enroll.

    Any Information will be most appreciated.
  2. Last time i got a fine was $120.
    For my part i had a good excuse and didnt have to pay it.
  3. Be careful.

    First offence: Julia Gillard comes round to your house and sits on your face. Second offence... they send Kevin. :eek:
  4. But is that for not voting while being enrolled to vote?

    Or is that for simply not choosing to enroll in the first place? which is the problem we have at the moment.

    I also am not on the Electoral Roll, I haven't been for nearly 19 years, I simply refuse to vote for corrupt politicians, and a broken system run by morons, I get the odd letter from the AEC, I ignore it and don't hear from them for another 5 or 6 years, but this is the 1st time I have seen anyone get a 2nd notice warning.
  5. ^^i get that too, a letter every few years and nothing more.
    but in my case i TRIED to enroll and something didn't work, tried enrolling again next election and same thing happened, tried one last time then gave up.
    if they can't get their enrolling system working how the **** can they run a country??

    i've ben hit with one $50 fine but never paid it and never heard anything else
  6. OK I would enroll if I was your friend.
    First offense is $120. If they want to be carnts it's the same for every time she did not vote. And a 19% compounded interest on all the other elections she missed out on.
    Anf that piles up like you would not believe.
  7. I had moved during the whole election thing and hadnt voted in my old electorate.
    Even if its been a couple years, i would expect that the penalty would be no different if the circumstances were the same - moved house, didnt update electoral roll 'in time to vote in the new electorate' and therefore didnt vote.

    If you never enrolled:
    Source: http://www.aec.gov.au/elections/aus...m/electoral_procedures/Electoral_Offences.htm
    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penalty_units
    Ive no idea at all re: how often that 1 penalty unit is applied - if you never enrol, is it only once? Or is it every year? Or every election? *shrugs*.
  8. i was off the roll for a while, missed 2 elections and never got fined, moved house remembered and enrolled again, was stuck in the kitchen(Chef) and couldn't get to poll as planned got fined.
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    You also lose the right to complain about the government.
  10. Nonsense = Non Sense aka No Sense = Logic Fail.
  11. ...I'll say it is.

    That reads to me as if you voluntarily enrol they can't prosecute, but if they pursue you then they can.

    The question really is, how far will they go to force someone to enrol?
    Once you're enrolled you can't un-enrol unless you lose your mind.
    The penalties aren't very high, might as well roll the dice.
  12. never have got my head around the idea of compulsory democracy
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    Other way round, if you vote you lose your right to complain about the government, you had your opportunity to have a say (or even run yourself).
  14. In the process to get my citizenship now! Keeping an eye on this post! I knew voting was compulsory in OZ but thats all i know. All this informtion is good! Keep em coming!
  15. The main consequence is that not enough people put the complete crazies last. Because the people who do vote for the complete crazies are motivated enough to enroll~

    And the point of compulsory democracy is to force them to give us the means to! It's harder to ignore a demographic and harder still to actively prevent 'undesirables' from voting against you here than elsewhere. Which is good~

    Edit: On topic though my observation from friends/family i can't motivate enough to do their duty is that you can pretty much always get out of it with an whiny excuse letter. :p
  16. I think we need to vote in more crazies. The likes of Bob Cattor, Barneby Jones and co.
    Look at what the so called sane people are doing.
    Least these guys keep representing their community when they go federal. Funny enough that's the core of a politicians job isn't it ???? Voted in by us to represent the majority of our word and feelings.
  17. It's hard to be that sanguine about the real crazies when you're gay.

    The crazies i had in mind were Fred Nile and friends, who've flat out said that given their druthers they'd put me in jail for it and take the kid i'm raising away. :p

    Those sort of threats are a good sight scarier than any current mismanagement, and their followers are far more motivated than reasonable people. So i need more reasonable voters!
  18. Enrol. Vote. Or Shut Up!
  19. Compulsory voting ≠ compulsory democracy.
    Voting ≠ democracy. Voting is just one of the procedures by which democracy (qua collective deliberation) operates. Other procedures can be instituted.

    Monarchy is rule by the one. Oligarchy is rule by the few. Democracy is rule by the people (i.e. the many).

    In spite of everything you've been socialised to believe, we do not live in a democracy. We vote for representatives who deliberate for us in parliament. Parliament is the site where sovereignty is held. Parliamentarians are the sovereign body. Our parliamentary representatives are the few who rule in our name. We therefore live in an oligarchy. (That the parliamentary oligarchs are beholden to other interests vested in wealth and power means our oligarchy has the character of a plutocracy.) Any other way of looking at it is ideology and bullshit.

    That everyone believes in the rosy daydream of our democracy doesn't change these facts. It does however make the facts more obscure. Sanity is not defined by a grasp of reality, but the fact that everybody else shares your delusions. Humans are historically conditioned and live in herds. What we perceive to be reality changes. An event (a real event) is something that makes our prior understanding of reality no longer adequate. The reality we live and breathe changes in the process. (If our reality was really (capital-R) Reality, how could this be so? Would it not be unchanging, and its timelessness, its unaltering and inalterable persistence, be proof of its truth?)

    You are right to perceive a paradox within compulsory voting (despite the fact that it is at a second remove in our contemporary oligarchy). It is an attempt to force people to participate in the collective autonomy of society (however limited it may presently be). This is similar to what Rousseau intended in the Social Contract when he said we must force people to be free. Yes, it is a problem. Yet, it is only keenly felt as such by those who which to persist in their unfreedom and heteronomy, and who therefore do not wish to participate in decisions that affect them.

    Although the oligarchs who rule over us claim to rule in our name, they are actually a discrete class, separate to you and I, and, as a class, tend to put their interests (and those who pay for their election campaigns) before ours. Hence the Wobblies' old saying about representative democracy: "If voting made any difference, they'd make it illegal." The fact is, so long as democracy retains its representative in form, it's true manifestation (i.e. voting directly on issues) will be restricted to parliament, and therefore denied to us as citizens. Democracy is therefore not compulsory in this country. It is prohibited to all but a few.

    If democracy was real, why would it be restricted to parliament? It wouldn't. But here's the catch. If democracy were real, its would admit no limitations, and it would therefore do away with private property, which is simply a means of denying people just participation in the decisions that affect them. In the meantime, people focus on acquiring as much as possible, because it helps shield them from being impacted by unwanted effects of others, and aids in compelling those same others to do one's bidding.

    Fact is, when it's all said an done, most people don't want democracy. Possession, not participation, is the order of the day.
  20. Well i was born in NZ and moved here when i was 10 (i'm 20 now), and it turns out i don't have to vote in this country as i am not a citizen just a permanent resident..

    or in my own which is interesting, so i can't tell you, but i do have to put up with results of the rest of the countries decisions.