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Console Games - Play Asia

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by booga, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Howdy,

    With the rediculous prices that Australia still pays for games (console or PC) we all look for another method of obtaining them, this topic isn't designed to be directed at piracy, but as a different way of obtaining the legal games. Our dollar has gone up, but we still pay top dollar apparently...

    I did a quick comparison of online stores, for the popular game GTA IV (settle Loz ;) );
    kmart.com (US) - US$60 = AU<$62
    ebgames.com.au - AU$120

    Edit: I've noticed most of the US games are US$20-60, and australian games are $80-120 :roll:

    I read about this site called Play Asia ( http://www.play-asia.com ) and checked it out, they have it for - AU$50-65 depending on version or something.

    Now I dont have a XB360 yet, but its on its way, and was wanting to be prepared for when it arrives, I know we're PAL over here, but I've heard of games being region free, and thus playable anywhere...

    Has anyone used Play Asia, to buy games, and which version did you have to get to work on an AU console?
    IE would this one: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-dw-49-en-70-2hcw-43-f5.html
    work on an AU console, being PAL?

    Or are there any other sites good for new legal games?


    (PS I know how to modchip and softmod as I've done these to Xbox, PS, and PS2, but I wanted to keep my warranty intact for a while, and not banned from Live, although I've heard a new firmware is stealthy, but I'll look at that option later)
  2. You'd wanna be pretty crafty about it; customs has apparently been told to look out for non-region games and DVDs to combat us evil Aussie consumers wanting to get things at prices that are seen as fair in other parts of the world. C*nts.
  3. Are you sure, Loz?

    Thanks to our parallel import law, we can import CDs and DVDs (and games too, I thought?) to avoid being gouged by local distributors.

    In fact a few years ago there was a court case where Sony took Australian modchip companies to court (Sony complained that they open the door to piracy) and the verdict went in favour of the modchips, because the modchips protect us from region-locked price gouging.

    Edit: http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9584_22-124244.html Sony case.
  4. Feedback I'm finding on forums is that the PAL compatibile Play-Asia games work fine single player. Online play may not work though for Xbox Live in Australia.

    They also recommend making sure in the specs of the game that Language = English... but also note most can be changed from native regional language to English in the game menu.

    Upside is you do get an uncut / unedited version of the game ^_^ instead of poofter, loser, fairy, lah-lah Australian censorship board version.

    Whirlpool forums have a couple of threads. Seem to indicate games are fine as long as PAL is ticked.
  5. When you get your 360, make sure you download this game from Xbox Live:


    You may well have played the PC version in the past (or on another console). Highly addictive and endlessly replayable arcade fun, and brilliant in multiplayer :grin: Worms!
  6. I buy playstation games through Play Asia all the time - the games are region free, so they play on my aussie PS3 no problems.

    The only issue you might have is using online PS3 or Xbox stores - i know with the PS3, if i bought say a USA version of a game then tried to buy additional content through the store, i wouldn't be able to cause I can only access the aussie store.

    but for single player games it's fine - I bought the USA version of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune & it works fine on my PS3

    Games from Play Asia arrive really quickly and with every purchase they give you a coupon to get $5 off your next purchase!
  7. And that there's probably one of the only games i'll play on it :p
  8. My gf's favourite too :LOL:

  9. Thats an awsum deal
  10. Bah!... you were quite happily playing Feeding Frenzy :p :p
  11. And from there would stem my issue, as I have a general problem with believing some things should be for free, I dislike the store...

    But... IF i absolutely, positivly had to have it... then I'd like the option...

    The "uncharted" game you bought, is that online playable? And can you playing it online even tho its the USA version?
  12. Oh, from some forum comments I found - someone said his mate will buy a few single-player games from play-asia, play them til he's had enough, and then trade them in at an EB or JB Hi-Fi: pretty much straight swap for a new popular Aussie release multiplayer game - if he wants to play it online.

    Food for thought...
  13. no, uncharted is a PS3 exclusive single player game only, No online play, no multiplayer.
    think 'tomb raider meets indiana jones'

    even if it was multiplayer online, it should work without a problem as Ps3 online play is free.

    the only issue is DOWNLOADABLE content i;e games like guitar hero, rockband etcm where the online store will only let you access the aussie store.
  14. just to clarify booga, i'm talking about using the PS3 store or the xbox version (i think it's called Live??) to download additional content for that game.
  15. Only cuz Boo's childlike amusement at the game had me in hysterics ;)

    We need an actual game...soon :p....

    Another fricken controller wouldn't go astray either :p
  16. you should get your extra controllers from play asia too - much cheaper.
    i bought my dual shock 3 controller for the PS3 from there about 3 months before it was released on Aus for $30 cheaper!
  17. Thanks guys for your input, seems i could be buying a few things from them :grin:

    Its interesting tho...

    When sorting by game region it only has these:
    Region Free

    Besides for region free, which else would Australia fall into, my guess would be the Asia category... Unless there is an Australia category, and they just dont sell any... :?
  18. are Xbox games region free?

    I know PS3 ones are, I usually just buy the USA version to make sure it's english
  19. Well on that site it states which region they are from originally, so if you bought a console off eBay then you could buy the original countries games... I do know that the previous xbox wouldnt play overseas games unless chipped...


    The menu on the left has all the region listings, so must be different than the PS3 ones...