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Considering to upgrading the exhaust for my XVS650

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by ralph, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Brains trust that is netrider..

    I am considering upgrading the exhaust of my 09 yamaha XVS650.

    I would like a deep note, but not one that is stupidly loud.

    A: is that possible? or is it either quite or off the chart here comes a harley wanna be ??

    B: Where should i start looking? what brands are good?

    I don't hide it, I know nothing when it comes to mechanical things

    Thanks for any help and knowledge you can share

  2. I've just started looking into this myself recently. From what I've seen so far (very little) it seems most aftermarket exhausts are NOT noise legal or at least they dont advertise themselves as legal. One supplier website I found is ZPOWER who only seem to stock Vance and Hanes pipes for xvs650 going by their website - they point out that these are NOT LEGAL. They do have sound grabs of them but it doesnt really give you an idea how loud they are in person. They also sell baffles that can be added to the pipes to quieten them but no info whether this makes them legal and no sound grab of the change in sound from unbaffled.
    I had a chat with a bike mechanic and there are other brands but I havent found a supplier on the web yet. He talks well of Cobra exhausts but I havent found a local supplier yet.
    If your happy to order online there are plenty of suppliers in US and other threads speak highly of some of them.
  3. If you want choice you will have to buy OS. I had the baffles changed in my c50 and gives it a nice rumble, not to loud. Was organised by the place I bought from. I think it was done in SA and took about a week turn around. Otherwise you can drill holes into the baffle plate or remove the baffle completely, should be able to find video on You Tube for how to.
  4. Hi Ralph,

    I have a XVS650 Custom 09 and was looking at changing my pipes ver aswell. I live in Vic, and the police don't seem to bother too much about illegal pipes unless you are a hoon, but what may also get you in trouble is if someone complains, like your neighbours, then someone is forced to check out the complaint...which could mean a fine for you and a change back to your originals to make your bike road legal again.

    Another possibility, which someone pointed out to me, was if you do still change them over, when you come to sell your bike, some buyers are a bit cautious when looking at a bike with new pipes..thinking that you may have had an accident therefore you replaced the pipes...so keep your originals if you do proceed.

    As changing your pipes also may mean rejetting, this could be setting you back just under $1k...so maybe just save it and put it towards your next bike :grin:

    Just my thoughts after talking to a few other people.
  5. I looked at all the available pipes on the internet, but thought it way too exxy for a set of pipes. Plus I like the look of the standard pipes on my VTX. A friend here on the Gold Coast gave me a contact number of a fellow who de-baffles them. It was under 1/4 of the price of the American pipes, he removed the Honda baffles and fitted an aftermarket baffle. It's loud but not "Frighten-the-Crap-Outta-Ya-Neighbours-And-All-The-Little-Kids-In-Your-Street" loud. Gives the V Twin that nice rumble that we all know and love, but doesn't bark like the really loud HD's do.

    If anyone is local here to the Gold Coast, or just want his details to chat with him further about it, I can supply his number.


  6. I have the 1100 and started with simply drilling holes in the ends of the exhaust which improved the sound of the stock pipes immensely.

    However you don't get a really nice sound until you replace the pipes. If you buy some slip ons you generally won't need to re-jet, but you need to make sure that you are buying pipes that will actually mount on your bike. I say this because a large number of aftermarket pipes come from the US and their emission requirements are different, and hence the stock pipes are different on their release of bikes to what is released here. I purchased some Cobra pipes from the US initially, marketed as for my specific model year both on the site I bought them from and on Cobra's site themselves. However the US release Yammie VStar changed to a different mounting bracket a few years ago so when they arrived, the custom pipes didn't fit. I then went for some Vance & Hines which are fantastic. Whilst the Cobra pipes didn't fit, when comparing them with the V&H ones, the quality is definitely inferior. I'd recommend V&H over Cobra any day.

    Unfortunately with the dive of the Aussie dollar, you aren't going to get as good a deal by buying from the US, but you'll have more range and possibly still save some $$$.

    Custom pipes don't meet noise regulations, but all you need to do is keep hold of your original pipes and if you get reported and have to take your bike in for testing, just swap the pipes back to stock for the test ;)
  7. I have Vance and Hines short staggered pipes on my 08 custom and they would not pass a noise test even with the supplied baffles. There are other baffles that can be purchased which, I am told, reduce the noise a little but not back to the whisper of the originals.

    Pics here
  8. They also have the benefit of looking 100% better than the originals. OH and keep the originals just in case you get pinged! :wink:
  9. sweet looking pipes!!!

    can i ask two questions. How do they sound ? they very loud or just a little? If I may ask, what they set you back?

  10. I like them, yes I am bias. When riding they sound VERY loud, in part due to the fact that they end nearly under your ear as they are very short. I have tried to find out if they sound loud to people walking along the street by intentionally giving the bike a bit of revs but not many people look.

    I think that I managed to get them for $500 although the bike shop that I go to always gives me a bit of a discount, although looking on the net now they seem to have gone up due to the $ value ($639) Maybe other still have them cheaper. link

  11. Dont do it. You will eventually get caught and risk a fine, points and having your bike towed away............just not worth it anymore
  12. Sounds like there's a story there Flying......................... :?: :?: :?:
  13. The cops and QLD Transport have rolling exhaust testing stations from december 1. So far seen in 5 or 6 locations. Its an offence under the anti-hooning laws. So in a nut shell it's just not worth the risk

  14. Jeeeeze!!! They're gonna make a squillion here on the Coast matey..... Loud pipes are EVERYWHERE!!!!! LOL.....

    Now if only they'd concentrate on people who can't drive!


  15. Is it a DB meter? I would have thought that this was an EPA concern?
  16. It a full exhaust diagnosis - sound emissions and exhaust gases via a mobile 4-gas analyser carried in the back of an Aircare station wagon. The analyser measures levels of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. Its not the police or the EPA but the transport department
  17. Mmmmmmmmm.... makes me wonder what is the noise limit on pipes??
  18. Its stamped on your plate on your bike. If you fit an aftermarket pipe and its not equppied with an ADR plate you are gone, even more so if your stock pipe had a cat converter that you removed
  19. A guy I know rides a xv650.
    He bought it with a diffrent exhaust, and it sounds HOT!!!!!

    He has never been hassled, and he always rev's and needs to be noticed (Hence the reason i stopped riding with him, because he rode liek a tool)

    But i would look into it, it really sounded nice.
    Good deep note.
  20. I am considering aftermarket exhaust too, but only for performance reasons. Because you cannot modify/install Air kit without installing aftermarket exhaust.
    And all of them are so damn loud!
    Only "Roadhouse 2 in 1" appears to be almost quiet as stock. Not known about emissions. probably won't pass the test.

    Now after reading this thread I doubt will ever do exhaust.
    What if I go touring. And while riding through QLD get checked by that police test? They will tow my bike. in the middle of the trip. that would be a disaster.