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Considering new exhaust

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Luke1990, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    So I've had my bike for a bit over a month, love it to bits.
    However I did have the question proposed to me if I was going to fit an aftermarket exhaust on her in the near future, which then led me to think of the possibilities as I sit there and listen to her idle for a while and I've decided to look into it.

    This will basically be the first time I change anything on any vehicle I own and I know its just a small step, but basically I have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at and I find having opinions and information thrown at me is the best way to go about learning.
    This will be for a 2013 650 Ninja, I have had a quick look through some threads and seen some of the pipes people have put on their 300 models and must say I love the note that they're putting out.

    I was hoping for some opinions on brands, pricing and even the best way to go about getting it fitted. (I'm in the Newcastle area in case anyone knows a good place)
    Also one thing I need to keep in mind is the fact that I'm on my L's, will fitting an exhaust stop the bike from being LAM's?

    Cheers in advance =D
  2. I'm in the same boat as you except for my MT-09 and deciding which exhaust to buy (which isn't too expensive).

    I'm not familiar with the ninja 650 so can't comment on options but basically you can buy a full exhaust (more expensive) or just the slip on (less expensive). Also price varies depending on brand and usually the European ones are more expensive than the American ones. Also full exhaust might require an ECU tune which will add to the cost so if you're on a budget, a slip-on will just add noise but no power gains. Go to Revzilla.com and put in your bike and it will spit out exhaust options with prices.

    Exhaust mod won't affect LAMS but depending on how loud it is may make it un-roadworthy. Only thing to keep in mind is when you decide to upgrade to a "real" ;-) ninja and do private sale getting the roadworthy may be hard. If you do a trade-in then you don't need to worry about the condition of the bike (loud exhaust). Happy shopping!
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  3. Just get a slip on, probably look for second hand if you don't want to spend too much, a versys and er6 exhaust of the same year will also fit. Otherwise eBay, screaming demon who is located in Perth make decent pipe for a decent price, or go the bigger brands like two bros, yoshi etc.
    As for fitting, piece of pie, should just be a bolt on the clamp and one on the hanger.
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  4. OK Luke...... my opinion.......

    If you are going to change an exhaust system you really should have a better reason than someone asking you about it.

    You can change an exhaust on a motorbike for a variety of valid reasons.......

    to replace an old rusty, falling apart one.

    to fit a much lighter system.

    to get more power from the engine.

    FWIW and IMHO, to make more noise isn't a valid reason.

    Especially if you are still on L plates, and riding on just about as big a bike as you are allowed to ride......... making more noise will only attract more attention from the cops.
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  5. I think if you love the note ninja 300's are putting out your beyond helping :p
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  6. Check out youtube, Luke.
    There's a WRR (weekly rides with Reuben) episode, where he tests a Versys 650 fitted with a Leo Vince slip on. I think it sounds fantastic. Let me know if you agree.
  7. Well, I had thought about doing so even before buying the bike because I had some idea of what they sounded like with the stock pipe, then when the question/suggestion arose it made me think about it a bit more seriously. I just want to give her a little more of a gutsy sound. I love it at the moment, but a bit more of a bang on the throttle would just excite me a bit more.
    I don't want something stupid or obnoxious, just something to take that stock sound off it.
    So far it sounds to me a slip on fitting will be the way to go.
    I am taking that on board however, I'm keeping well in mind how much attention I will drag to myself.
    Let me have my fun! Haha I might not even get around to doing it. Got a lot on my plate currently.

    I only say that because in the video's I saw the comparison from stock to aftermarket was about 10,000x better in my opinion.
    Showed my house mate the same video and she responded with "You could drown a toddler in my panties. Get that exhaust changed now".
    I'm expecting a much nicer sound from my bike.

    I took a look at the video I think you referred to. Kinda makes it sound a bit tinny, I wouldn't mind a deeper, smoother and more modest sound I think, if that makes sense.
    As I mentioned though, I'm new to all this. I'll have to just see what's available around here and take that knowledge to Youtube and see what particular slip ons sound like.
    I'll have to keep hunting and make sure I find video's with actual decent audio in order to make my mind up.

    But this is helpful. The brands being mentioned are giving me something to refer to, and now that I'm probably set on just getting a slip on simply for cost and not to mess around with the power. =D
    Thank you all!
    If anyone else has suggestions/opinions by all means, share.
  8. Just quietly I'm thinking a few people with full systems want to meet your housemate........
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  9. LAMs bikes are in that category because of their weight to power ratio, anything that changes that is not legal until you have your full license, and then you should notify your insurance co. of the changes made
  10. What about these slip on's that people are mentioning? They wouldn't change any kind of power output, only the sound. Is that right?
    I'd only have to be mindful of not making it un-roadworthy due to sound pollution.
  11. Absolutely...... especially in view of your housemate's reaction.

    One thing, tho..... please don't chuck away the standard bits that you might replace.

    One day, officialdom may insist on the bike being put back to standard.
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  12. Absolutely, I'd never consider throwing anything original away. Just not my style.
  13. If the slip on weighs less than the original, then you have changed the weight to power ratio, which the manufacturer went to great lengths to get the bike to qualify for LAMs category. Putting aside the fact that you may or may not have increased HP
    If you did have an accident and weren't in a position change things before the assessor viewed it, the insurance company may say "it has been modified" so may not pay out, they don't need much of an excuse the days

    I have a mate on a LAMs, the bike shop wont touch it until he gets his full, and all he wanted to do was change the exhaust.
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  14. I hadn't thought of the weight of the slip on being an issue.
    Thank you for pointing that out actually.
    That's probably what will turn me away from doing it just to avoid any possible issue in the future.

    Having new restrictions to abide by after holding a full licence for so long is frustrating. Haha
  15. Look, forget all that exhaust talk rubbish - when are you going to stick up a pic of your housemate?
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  16. Haha sorry fellas, not gonna happen.:-/
  17. Soft.......ya call yourself a motorcycle rider lol
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  18. Hey... Lets not play dirty now alright. Haha
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  19. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!
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  20. Poor for init.........

    Ok where's Mrs Lionz after all if I'm bringing her to the next bike purchase I need to know what she looks like lol
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