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Considering getting this bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ph33r, May 25, 2006.

  1. A 1994 GPX250. 42,800km on the dial and rego till 01/07

    I went and checked it out and the owner is selling becuase he has a car licence now. He only owned it for 6 months and 1000km, previous owner was a bike mechanic doing all his own work on it so no paper service record. A "major" service was done on it right before current owner got it, including the engine being overhauled (changed gaskets or something, current owner was not sure) as well as the front suspension being redone. Everything about the bike looks fine except these little things i noticed:

    -Throttle does not completly go to idle when released. Have to roll it forward slightly.
    -Slight clicking sound when in neutral but goes away when put in gear.
    -Rear sprocket is a little worn (hooking slightly)
    -Plenty of adjustment left on chain so i dont think its that old
    -Has been droped but looks like it wasnt moving (barley any scrapes and small dint on muffler)

    Any thoughts on the bike? Im slightly worried about the service history. I basicly want a bike that will be great for me for 12months before I upgrade and will keep its resale value.
  2. No service history? Previous owner a mechanic? Clicking sound? Stuck throttle? (That's dangerous, actually.) In your place I wouldn't feel comfy, unless you're a bike mechanic, too. Keep looking I'd say ...
  3. Whereabout are you?? If you're keen on it, it might be worth gettiong someone like Pete The Pom (a Netrider and brilliant mechanic located in Melbourne) to do a quick inspection on it. Wouldn't cost much, but what's piece of mind worth...
  4. When it comes to service history, never listen to anything the seller has to say.
  5. Mine does that, it closes the thorttle tho, just a tiny bit of freeplay right at the end, never bothered me at all...

    You find one that doesn't do that and it's probably got a problem. AFAIK every GPX i've ever heard makes that knocking sound...
    You want to do chain and sprocket at the same time... A screwed chain screws your sprocket quicker and vice versa...
    What GPX wouldn't have been dropped yet.... Learners bikes have that happen to them quite a bit im told :p
    I got my 91' Gippie for Just over 2k while its been reliable the few problems i have had have been cheap to fix, except for the rusted fuel tank, that was $350 in the end for a second handy... Check for bubbling paint and rust around the tap of the fuel tank coz quite a few suffer from that problem...
  6. It's amasing the amount of bikes around for sale that have been previously owned by "menchanics"......

    Are there any receipts for the overhaul? or was this done by the previous mechanic owner?

    Don't mean to sound pesimistic, but there is some real rubbish out there that people are trying to push....

    My advice, take ur time and shop around. What is your general impression of the bike? Generally your gut feeling is right. If your initial impression was one of "this bike could be more trouble than it's worth", it might be best to give it a miss.

    The fact that you're asking here for advice indicates that you have some doubt about this one. Look around till you find one that your 100% confident with handing the cash over on... There are heaps of bargains out there.

    Just my 2cents....
  7. I would agree with the previous comments - if your instinct tells you something might be off, and you're not in a position to make sure what the deal is, better avoid this one. Besides, if keeping resale value is your goal then look for a bike with documented service history that you in turn will be able to present in all its glory to the next buyer.
  8. Not that bad for a 12 year old 250. If you're iffy about reliability, insist on starting it cold. By that I mean insist that you can start it after it hasn't been ridden that day at all.

    Most 250s aren't going to have a proper service history, they change hands that often.

    See if you can talk him down to the high $2ks.
  9. My $0.02, go look at another bike. The price isn't THAT fantastic. The throttle sticking may mean it won't get roadworthy (somebody can correct me if wrong here).
  10. Thanks for response guys.

    I live out in armidale in NSW, so the pickings are slim bike wise (I still had to travel an hour just to see this bike in tamworth).

    I started it cold there, it started first time without touching the choke.

    The throttle isnt stuck per say, it nearly rolls all the way back automatically to the point where its a fast idle.

    There were no issues with the fuel tank at all, inside and out.

    Absolutly no physical service record at all (reciepts / logs).

    As I said, the only thing I am worried about is the service record. What should of been done, or is nearly due for a bike with 42,000 kms on the clock? Tried talking him down but he knew he could sell it easily for that price since there are no real L's bike around atm and held his ground (I don't blame him, I would of done the same thing too). He did chuck in some extra gear tho like lugage rack and gloves etc in tho.

    Now that I've slept on it, im pretty confident on it so i might go pick it up this weekend.

    Cheers guys
  11. I hope it all goes well. I guess its a bit of a pain being so far from a bike shop, so as you said the pickings are slim.
  12. is there a reason why you're buying a 250 in NSW? theres much better bikes out there that you are allowed to ride, have a squiz at some of them before you resign yourself to something you'll be sick of in a month or two.

    and $3300 sounds a bit steep to me, i'd say $2500 would be closer to the mark. and forget about the service history, most of these things have been thrashed and ill maintained by at least a few of their 10,000 odd owners. its all pot luck with getting something that wont let you down in the time you have it...
  13. Mine does - I've had it from new. I agree most don't, but that's the whole thing about shopping around - you keep looking until you find something above ordinary... though I appreciate the options in Armidale are probably relatively limited.
    And yeah, I have to agree - why don't you look for something a bit bigger? Especially since you live in the country...
  14. Bigger bike? Again it comes down to slim pickings. Only bikes available that ive seen over the last 2 months have been a few 250s, pently of dirt bikes (no interest) and occasional >600cc . Im not so worried as most of my riding will be done in town and just use the car when I have to travel distances. I'm planning on upgrading anyway in 12months when im off restrictions.

    New bike? As I said i want something that will keep its value so getting something with a few dings etc is fine by me as i dare say im going to add to them :p
  15. smart move that, anything recent will devalue, something like an early 90s GPX has already done all its devaluing, so short of REALLY screwing it up, you wont be out much $$ at the end. having said that tho, i still reckon over $3k is steep for that bike, ESPECIALLY in the NSW market where there are much more options than here in vic....
  16. i wouldn't necessarily say that.

    I have kept all receipts for the services done on my CB250. the receipts from the shop list all work done. when I sell it, I will give a copy of them to the new buyer.

    When I bought the hornet I received the same thing from the seller.
  17. Sounds like a decent buy if you can talk them down a bit (I wouldn't pay over 3 grand for it). Take money off for the new chain, sprockets, etc that you'll soon need.

    All 250's that age will have niggling little problems like you've described. Parts are plentiful and cheap for gpx's, and the bikes are a sound design, generally very reliable.

    Just think, if you miss out on this one, how long will it be before another suitable bike arrives on the market near to you, at ths price?!

    It sounds like you've checked the bike out accurately and thoroughly, talk 'em down and grab it!
  18. Yeah, ill speak to the shop this arvo and see how much new sockets and chain will cost and see if i can talk down the price using those numbers.

    Now I just got to organise getting it to my place. I might have to shout my mate a carton to come down with me and ride it back becuase I know no one with a tow ball on their car.

    Cheers for the pointers guys, all i needed was that extra push i guess :p