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Considering exhaust wrap - pros and cons?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by GJ384, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    On my way to work today, stuck in traffic with nowhere to go, I had the opportunity to rediscover just how much heat radiates out from under my bike when stationary. It's enough to make it quite uncomfortable waiting at lights - not only due to the heat on my thighs but also the heat radiating through the seat towards my special places.

    So I'm thinking about wrapping some of this stuff (or similar) around the exhaust pipes...


    ... and I was wondering if I could get some advice from some more knowledgeable folk here - specifically:

    1. Will it help?

    2. Will it wreck my exhaust or cause damage to the engine due to excessive heat "trapped" inside the pipes? I have a 2012 Street Triple R with the stock 3-1-2 cans - not the Arrows - and no modifications done to the exhaust or any other part of the bike - I believe therefore that it's all stainless steel, but I could be wrong.

    3. Following on from #2, if I decide to get new cans in the future could the exhaust wrap potentially damage those?

    4. Is it likely to make the outside of the cans and/or the heat shields actually run hotter? I'm keen to get some bags which sit fairly close to the cans so this might be a problem.

    5. I've seen some websites claim that applying exhaust wrap increases horsepower - is this actually true or BS?

    6. I'm keen to get red tape rather than white or black, for aesthetic reasons more than anything else, but I've also seen written somewhere that the coloured stuff also happens to last longer - again, true or BS? And are there any other advantages/disadvantages to using a coloured wrap over a white wrap?

    7. If there are different types of tapes available (ie in terms of material used etc), what materials/properties/ratings should I look for?

    8. At first thought I'm envisaging wrapping the entire length of the pipes - starting from where they leave the engine, going down under the engine, and up to where they meet the cans. Is this a bad idea - are there specific parts and/or maybe a certain proportion which should be left exposed?

    9. Is it safe to try and do it myself, having only discovered the stuff even existed a few days ago, or should I pay a professional to put it on?

    10. Would I be better off just getting the pipes ceramic coated or something similar instead?

    11. Any other warnings/affirmations?

    Thanks in advance for any and all advice!
  2. How about getting your pipes CermaKromed instead? (Exhaust wrap is only for Harley fags.)
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  3. Wrap does work, used it in turbo applications.

    What it will do is keep the heat in the pipe and transfer it further down the line, which will be your mufflers. So that being the case you mufflers will get hotter, so probably not much advantage.
    You could also get the pipes coated, but you'll end up with the same result.

    Your best bet is to ditch the standard cans in favour to something that not only looks and sounds a shite load better, but will also run cooler.

    In saying all of that, wifey has just started riding her StripleR after the Ninja and commented on the heat even with Ixil cans. I don't seem to have much of an issue as the 1098 creates massive, massive undertail heat.
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  4. I'm thinking about getting carbon fibre cans - maybe either Jardines or Scorpions. Do you reckon CF cans would be able to take the additional heat without wearing them out?
  5. I'd be doing cans before the wrap, then see if the wrap is needed.
    Alternatively you could...

  6. Haha - oi! :p

    Cans then wrap it shall be then, pending further opinions from others. Thanks.
  7. Well, FWIW, I noticed the heat problem very soon after I got my Striple.

    As far as I can establish, swapping the mufflers doesn't really help all that much.

    The best solution is to fit the Arrows (or similar) lo-boy three into one.

    The next best is getting the wee fat bit of the pipe, just before it starts up under the seat, where the cat lives, chopped, and the cat driven out.

    If you happen to have a spare standard exhaust system, Denis Foran, in West Gosford, can remove the cat, and de-baffle the standard muffler.

    The resulting system looks absolutely standard, picks up a few extra ponies on the dyno, and, of course, is probably illegal on the road.

    If I had ever ridden a triple with this exhaust system ;) I could tell you that it reduces the heat from painful, to merely uncomfortable.

    I didn't try the heat wrap on my bike, but from experience on a friend's Duc 696, it didn't seem to help much.
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  8. I ain't no Harley fag, I have mine wrapped on my sv high mout on my Tracy otherwise I'd end up with a melted boot to my exhaust.
    Ceramic coating can be expensive so don't listen to this fool.
  9. The carbon will handle the heat.
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  10. It's a wrap it's like toilet paper if you can't figure it out I don't think you should ride a bike :)
  11. You obviously have never had anything CermaKromed. It is not at all expensive. Well, not what I consider expensive.
  12. Im a tight arse anything not free is expensive lol
    Also last time I looked at prices was about 6 years ago so you could be right.
  13. fcuks your headers when you pull it off.
  14. Excellent. I'm fairly experienced and mostly accurate with toilet paper, so this makes me confident that I would also be able to wrangle exhaust tape successfully :D

    Does this mean it won't cause any damage to the headers unless I decide to later remove it - or is it likely to damage the headers simply as a result of its presence, with this damage not being visible until the wrap is removed?
  15. I think the ruined headers is more from an aesthetics point of view rather than anything actually effecting the running of the bike. (correct me if I'm wrong, just a hunch)

    Ceramic coating is very reasonable i though when I was getting quotes from jet-Hot for my bike. Cant remember exactly but think it was around 200-250 for them to fully strip down and clean the headers, coat them, inspect, re-do anything if it wasn't perfect, then ship back to you. I think you need to courier them there (castlemain) yourself. If you end up deciding to wrap I would seriously look at getting em coated instead. Looks better for ever, wont get ratty like wrapping, and if you so choose, you can get a few different colours.

    and yeah wrapping or coating will increase power. Not a whole heap though.
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  16. I recommend Cermakrome over Jet-Hot, mainly because it is pretty much identical but costs less.

    I had the guys at Hi Octane Cermakrome the headers on my Hayabusa and they came up brilliantly. The cost was a lot less than $250, too.
    Hi Octane are at Rydalmere, Gj384, so they're only about 20 minutes from you.

    Here are my headers:


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  17. In my personal experience they permanently screw the finish of the header and also have a tendency to collect any damp which will stew for a few years and eventually corrode the pipe.

    Go ceramic coating, I say.
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  18. +1 ceramic coating. I've seen too many exhausts ruined prematurely by wrapping.
    In the long run Ceramic turns out to be cheaper.
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  19. Wow - looks like they did a pretty good job!

    Alright - all in all a very strong case made for CermaKrome over exhaust wrap. Looks like Hi-Octane can do it in red too so that's another box ticked.

    After checking out Hi-Octane's website, seems that it ought to help with the heat issue, and it might increase HP and torque by up to 5%. Personally I'm completely happy with the (in my opinion) absolutely gosh darn insane amount of torque my bike generates already - wouldn't be at all bothered by a zero increase in performance if that turned out to be the reality.

    New plan is to get the new cans first, THEN go for CermaKrome, rather than doing the CermaKrome first and then potentially waiting 6-12 months until I can justify the extra spend on new cans, after in the meantime potentially wrecking the stock cans due to the excessive heat coming through into them.

    The next step of course being learning how to take the headers off without wrecking them or some other part of the bike in the process...!!!

    FYI, below is a (very rough) "before & after" photoshop job of the kind of look I'm aiming for, in the fullness of time - except with added CF cans, removed pillion footpegs, possibly some bar end mirrors, perhaps fewer bright red screw caps (not entirely sold on them anymore after seeing how this came up), and also some kind of crash bar setup - because gee I'd feel silly if I dropped it after spending that much time and money tarting it up...

    Before (ie now):

  20. Hmmmm....I could be wrong but I don't think Cermakrome is available in any finish other than a sort of chrome (i.e. the same as my headers).

    Psssshhtt...who cares if you wreck your stock cans? Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it; a little extra heat wont hurt them.

    Cermakroming is much cheaper than a new set of cans, so if heat is really an issue for you, that's what I would deal with first.