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Considering Buying Suzuki M50, opinions?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Human Potato, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am going to trade in my 2001 Bandit 1200 for a brand spanking new bike and I am seriously considering an M50.
    I have absolutely no experience with cruisers, always going for more sporty/touring bikes. But after 15+ years riding, comfort is now starting to appeal more and more and I am growing to like the look of chrome.
    The M50 is really the only cruiser that really makes me think "WOW" when I see it, and it falls right on the upper boundary of my price limit. I also like the idea of a shaft drive and low seat height.
    Can any of your guys offer me any advice about this bike? Most of the posts on this forum seem positive about it, but I have read a few negative ones elsewhere mostly concerning vibration. Reliability is also a major concern for me because I find I cannot enjoy riding a bike that I do not "trust". How do they go for long journeys? If they get uncomfortable after 2 hours I may as well buy a commuter. How is passenger comfort? I like to take a friend on the occasional weekend ride. How do the suzuki accessories compare to aftermarket parts in terms of value for money? I am thinking mostly about backrests and saddlebags and could add them to the loan I am getting.
    Have any of you guys made the transition from sporty bikes to cruisers and have some info on the changes I could expect?
    Please bare in mind I know absolutely nothing about cruisers and I feel like I complete newbie despite having ridden my entire adult life so any advice (however obvious it may sound to you) would be greatly appreciated. This is a hell of a lot of money to me so I dont want any nasty surprises...

  3. I have just come off an SV to and XVS 650.

    There is no comparison between the 2. It is even harder to describe. You need to decide what you want from a bike, if it is high revs with a high top end speed for the straights, then you maybe better off on a sports bike. Even in saying this, I do not think that for one minute a cruiser is a slouch.

    They handle different, but the cruiser is still fun in the twisties, you just do not have to worry so much about gear changing.

    You can not stand up on the pegs to stretch your legs, but you can point them forward.

    Your pillion will be able to see over your head and if the seat is not comfortable enough there are mods that can fix it.

    I bought mine without even test riding it, but I have done that heaps of times, and I am loving it. That is me though.
  4. If you have read my other posts, you will know already I am a big fan of the M50.
    I have done many 1200klm+ days on a M50, and it is fine (with a sheepskin). Wouldnt contemplate doing the same on something like a duc!.

    Just buy it - it is a 'in between' bike ie, between a cruiser and a sportbike, and manages to combine most of the good stuff of both.

    If when you sit on the bike, it talks to you, then it is yours.
  5. The M50 handles great as well as being comfortable. You aren't going to keep up with the 600+ sports when they push, but you will get to your destination without aching everywhere. And if your fellows are staying within sight of the speed limit, you won't have any trouble keeping up.
    The bike is very stable which means you are up for a little more effort in corners than you are used to coming from a more sports style, but the bike still responds well to counter steering, hanging off it and moving it bodily like a trail bike is not required.
    Counter steering is a bit different on a cruiser than a sports bike, I find I pull more on the outside end, instead of pushing on the inside bar, but the effect is the same.

    At first I found the seat hard and the pipe quiet and tinny, but by the time the bike had done about 1500km's, the seat had formed itself to my ass and the pipes were starting to growl.

    The M50 is the first bike I'd ever ridden with a shaft and to be honest I was expecting the "shaft-lash" to be horrendous, but it's really not that bad.
    You learn to roll off the throttle gently, and as long as you do that, you don't have a piston smashing into your spine every time your slow down.

    Some people will complain about the rear brake being a drum instead of a disc, but after having used both, I personally think the smooth deceleration offered by the drum is better than the "grabiness" of a disc. And I've never had it fade, no matter how hard I've pushed it.

    I've taken some pillions on rides, the longest about 1 1/2 hours and by the end of it there was complaints of his ass going to sleep, but he only noticed when he actually got off. We clashed heads a fair amount during gear changes, but I think that says more about my riding style than the bike.
    If you were going to do a lot of 2 up riding I would definitely recommend getting the sissy bar and backrest for the pillion.

    Power is awesome. When taking off, I find it pays to be gentle, because the slightest slip of the wrist will step the back out.
    When cruising through the hills, I just click it into 3rd gear and ride it like a scooter, 3rd easily doing anything from 40-100 kph.
    Even when 2 up the bike doesn't even notice hills, in fact the only time you will notice your pillion really is when you enter a corner and suddenly the bike is a lot slower to lean in.
    I've only had mine up to 165 at which point I ran out of straight. I've heard rumours of stock machines doing 200 but I find that a bit hard to believe.
    I'm sure that with debaffled pipes, an opened airbox and a PCIII tune it's possible and when the warranty is out I'll probably do all of the above.

    In my search for a mid size cruiser I looked at the Kawasaki VN900, Harley Sportster 883, Yamaha XVS650 and of course the Suzuki M50.
    For my money it is the best current bike in terms of money for features.
    Of course I lust for the M109r. ;)
  6. I own the earlier version of the M50 and it is very reliable so I would also expect the M50 to be the same.

    I know a few people who own the M50 and they love it. I have sat on some and they feel a lot more comfortable than mine.

    I think generally suzuki spare parts and accessories are very pricey but you can find saddle bags, sissy bars, etc as aftermarket on the net which are reasonably priced... check out the links page or websearch and you will find a great lot very cheap from the USA.

    As for riding, you will notice that cruisers have a very different riding style to sports/tourers and you may take a while to get used to it. (Nothing like the sound of a V-twin growl ... :p ). I regularly go riding with a group which is a mixture of sports and tourers when they get into it I am left behind but I can throw mine round in the twisties if I feel like it. The bigger cruisers you can't do that as much as you can the mid-range ones like the M50.

    But try out all the ones you are looking at each has its own feel but the differences are probably more pronounced compared to sports bikes . You need to find one that fits you like a glove. To be happy with it.
  7. m50

    Great bike l bourght my first bike m50 after about 20 years two moths ago and love riding again l use it to go to work in the city about 35 klms each way and have no probs at all have just put some cobra slash cut pipes on it bloody noisy now lol but big power inprovement take one for a long test ride
  8. What's about the Kawasaki VN 900 Custom ?? Worth a tought IMO

  9. I'm not a great fan of the m50s or c50's look, but the Kwaka VNs appeal to me - except for the price tag new which is much more expensive than the Suzuki M/C50s.
    I talked the dealer down to $10,100 for the Suzukis (and I wasn't happy with that) with 500 ORCs while the same dealer wouldn't budge on the VN900s at $12490 +$500 ORC after chatting with his boss...wtf?

    I told him I didn't like to fcuk around right from the start so I pulled the $14k I had in my pockets to show him, then just walked away while he held up his hand stuutering, "but...no...wait...I..."
    I turned to see him looking at his boss who was holding his hands over his face :)
  10. Yeah, there's like a deal on with M50's at the moment.
    You should be able to get at least another $500 off that M50 including onroads.
  11. Was this for one of the green VN s??? I was offered one for $9900 + ORC about 6 weeks ago. I personally do not like them though so I did not even entertain the offer.
  12. what to do oh no what a choice

    at the end of the day it is up to what you feel good with l chosse the m50 because after testing sv650 and kaw and yam amd honda l felt best on the m50 don't mean it is the best bike just means l felt good on it and still do l paid 9800 on road for mine with 2 years warnty it is gong well and very happy will keep it a couple of years and sell befor wantry runs out and up grade l pretty much use it to get to work in city traffic 35klm each way some times taking 1 hr bloody traffic lol but it beter to be sitting on a bike in traffic than a car l recken