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Considering buying a Cagiva Canyon 500- what do you think??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by loader, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Does anyone own one of these? I'd love to hear some opinions on what they're like as a budget touring bike. Is the 500cc powerful enough for ozzie touring?
    any thoughts or opinions would be great!

    here's a pic
  2. The bike was good enough to make the BOTY finals.

    I'm not sure of their price, but it seems to me that they would have to be a fair it cheaper than the DL650, to get my money.

    Also Kawasaki would be doing some real deals on the KLE500 at the moment, because the new 650 will be due out soon. Same with the KLR650, if you are looking for something more serious on the dirt.
  3. Never ridden one, but they look like they'd go OK, relatively light weight at 165kg and 20 litre tank.

    Strom and KLE are twins with six speed gearbox but at 190 and 180kgs that bit heavier.

    I'd vote for the 650 Strom
  4. i've grown fond of them also !

    i'm test riding one tomorrow if the weather clears up.
  5. strange how this quickly became a Strom appreciation thread, :p
    none-the-less i do agree that DL650 is awesome.

    Cagiva is on the LAM list,
    whereas the DL650 is not.

    Caviga is smaller/lighter,
    whereas shorter riders may struggle with an unmodified Strom.
  6. Strom 650 seat heaight 820mm and Cagiva is 795mm

    Spoke to dealer who has a Cagiva for $9k new and he told me they aren't importing them anymore - more than likely be a resale issue not too mention parts availability.
  7. Pity really - the cagiva looks alright and would make a good starting bike with some dual sport capability.