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Consider sending a Care package to our troops for Xmas!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lil, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Have you considered sending Care Packages to OUR Troops overseas this Christmas?


    Please note, the addresses below will only be active for the Christmas Mailout from November 7 to December 9, 2011.
    All the parcel regulations that apply to the other day mailings apply to the Christmas Mail.
    The format of the address is as follows:

    For the Middle East:
    An Australian Defence Force Member (TO SEND TO A FEMALE JUST ADD "FEMALE" AFTER)
    Good Will Mail
    Middle East
    AFPO 60
    Australian Defence Force NSW 2890.

    For Timor Leste:
    An Australian Defence Force Member
    Good Will Mail
    Timor Leste
    AFPO 61
    Australian Defence Force NSW 2890.

    For the Solomon Islands:
    An Australian Defence Force Member
    Good Will Mail
    Solomon Islands Operations
    AFPO 62
    Australian Defence Force NSW 2890.

    To send to a Explosive Detection Dog (they need toys and treats too)
    An Australian Defence Force EDD HANDLER
    Good Will Mail
    Middle East
    AFPO 60
    Australian Defence Force NSW 2890
    Don’t forget something for the handler

    Keep your parcel under 2kg and it's free from any Post Office in Australia.
    What not to send:
    The following items are prohibited to all destinations due to safety and customs issues:
    clothing other than socks

    the following items are prohibited to Middle East destinations:
    magazines with naked women [​IMG]
    any religious materials

    If you do not agree with our troops being overseas - keep it to yourself don’t bother airing your ideas by attaching to this post, see your local member.

    Here are some suggestions any thing is good, their is always someone that may not get a parcel.even if it is a note of support it is all appreciated.
    A good one is the Australian flags,flag stickers and clip on Koalas from Crazy Clarks and similar shops, these end up all over the country on planes, helos, buildings, especially if they belong to someone else [​IMG]


    Suggestions for care package contents for service troops in combat zones
    Send a letter with an email address and/or a self addressed envelope, no stamp required, so the troops can reply.

    Ask about their living conditions and if they have fridge or microwave available to them then it is easier to know which food items to send, but do not worry if they do not use something troops have been giving it to the chaplain or another unit to pass out to others that might need it.

    NO HOMEMADE Food items unless you know the soldier as they get thrown away.
    If sending liquid or food products, place them in a snap lock bag in case of leakage


    • dried fruit
    • drinking choc (individual sachets)
    • individual ring pull tuna cans or sachets
    • lollies
    • pepper (individual sachets)
    • powdered energy drinks
    • salt (individual sachets)
    • sauces & condiments like mustard etc (individual sachets are good, ask Macca’s if you can have some and why...)
    • spices - to go with lamb/goat for example, rosemary, garlic, thyme, greek spices
    • sugar (individual sachets)
    • tabasco sauce
    • tea
    • trail mix
    • twisties (can also be used as packing in spaces in the box)
    • wasabi peas



    • air fresher (non aerosol sprays & the cardboard card ones)
    • baby wipes (bulk & travel size)
    • cotton buds
    • deodorant (non aerosol)
    • foot powder
    • hair conditioner
    • hair shampoo
    • inner soles
    • lip balm (chap sticks)
    • moisturiser
    • mouthwash
    • razors (NOT the real cheap ones like Bic!We don’t want them cutting/slashing themselves to shreds!)
    • shaving cream (non aerosol)
    • soap (normal & travel size)
    • socks (black & white)
    • talc
    • tissues (medium & travel size)
    • toilet paper (one roll in a box)
    • toothbrushes (sometimes)
    • toothpaste
    If female troops then add the following

    • female hygiene products
    • gel or hair spray (non aerosol)
    • hair ties
    • hairbrush

    Misc & entertainment

    • blank cards (for troops to send home)
    • board games
    • board games
    • book (try not to send romance novels)
    • cheap dvds please write on cover & disc in permanent marker “Aussie troops property” to avoid theft
    • drawing paper
    • envelope
    • footballs/basketballs (and a pump)
    • magazines (nothing rude)
    • music CDs (Please write on cover & disc in permanent marker “Aussie troops property” to avoid theft)
    • other sporting goods
    • pen/pencils
    • playing cards
    • sport sections of newspapers
    • tennis balls (if you have tennis courts nearby you can buy second hand balls cheap - Slazenger and other brands)
    • writing Paper
    NO Alcohol to be sent to any troops
    DO NOT SEND CLOTHING except socks


    • Box dog biscuits
    • Dried Beef bones
    • Toys
    • Tennis Ball
    • Treats for the Handler

    Think about what we take for granted each day and what these men and women are going with out and send it over
  2. +1. Hey, don't just think about it either. Do it. They will appreciate it.
  3. ++1This is a great cause. I have friends who have served in iraq, afghanistan, soloman and timor. Full respect. Will be on board
  4. Can you send multiple packages that add up to over 2kg for free? Eg if I want to send something for someone in each location and I have four 700 gram parcels is it still free?
  5. I can also speak from first hand experience that bacon-scented candles don't make it either.
  6. I can't see why not? If it was a problem at one PO I'd just go to others ;)
  7. Great cause! We're in. I'll make it a family project for this week with the kids.
  8. what an awesome cause. I'm gonna see what I can do for this :D