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Conquering NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by vahramh, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. So the Mrs and I are getting addicted to Christmas break touring. With Tassie and SA under our belt, it's time to conquer NSW.

    The tentative itinerary looks like this:

    Melbourne - Omeo - Thredbo

    A couple of nights in Thredbo, walk to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko

    Thredbo - Goulburn - Katoomba - Sydney

    4 nights in Sydney - getting there on New Years Eve, watching the fireworks, catching up with mates.

    Sydney - Wollongong - Tathra - Lakes Entrance - Melbourne.

    Any comments / suggestions / pictures of faces green with envy would be greatly appreciated :)
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  2. Definitely Omeo to Tallangatta by the Anglers Rest Mitta Mitta route.

    Elliot Way between Khancoban and Tumbarumba
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  3. On the way back I'd recommend going down to Tathra but turning inland at Merimbula - Wyndham and staying at Bombala. The Bonang highway, which goes south from Bombala to Orbost has 110km's of twisties on it. 10km of dirt you can do at 10km/h if you need to.

    Stay in the Imperial hotel at Bombala. It's amazing.

    Also I wouldn't be too keen on staying in Thredbo over summer. It's pretty depressing and still expensive, even though it's the off season.
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  4. If you are planning to do the New Years eve thing - try and book access into a venue nice and early (like this week) to ensure you get a good vantage point. There are many free areas to watch from, but the getting there and back bit can be a pain.

    Options are the Royal Botanical gardens next to the Opera house have various options - from picnics to food service. Or book a boat dinner cruise for the best view.
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  5. yeah put me down for a green face :grumpy:

    sounds awesome!
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  6. #6 Hillsy, Sep 6, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2016
    Another vote for the Bonang, don't miss that road.

    You might find a few NR names if you look close
    2016-09-06 20.08.11.

    Also in nsw consider coming through Kangaroo Valley, Mac Pass and then The Royal National Park from the Gong
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  7. So much goodness around the areas your visiting and QuarterWitQuarterWit and HillsyHillsy are bang on......do the Bonang if havent already.
    Tathra > Candelo > Wyndham > Mount Darrah > Bombala is great fun.
    Out of Sydney head to the Royal National Park > Stanwell Tops > Robertson via Macquarie Pass > Kangaroo Valley and then head down the coast.
    If you can squeeze another 2 - 3 days in I highly recommend heading up to Port Macquarie to do the Oxley Hwy.
    Give us a shout when in the area, would be happy to show you around my backyard
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  8. Wow, thanks for the info guys! The benefits of consulting people who know :)

    Plans changed accordingly:

    1. Omeo to Thredbo - via Mitta Mitta.
    2. Removed Goulburn from overnight stay plans - from Thredbo will go straight to Katoomba, and stay there two nights instead of one - apparently there's some touristy stuff to do there.
    3. On the way back - instead of Wollongong we'll stop in Nowra to gain some time for next day.
    4. Instead of Tathra stay in Bombala (going via Moruya - Tathra - Candelo).
    5. Take Bonang Rd to Lakes Entrance.

    cjvfrcjvfr - yeah, Elliot Way looks nice, but couldn't fit into the one-day window between Omeo and Thredbo, as I've promised my wife that there'll be no more than 6 hrs riding per day.
    QuarterWitQuarterWit - thanks for the tip. No probs with the dirt road, I just hope it's not a proper dirtbike route with huge bumps and river crossings, just an unsealed road, right?
    HillsyHillsy - That's an awesome photo! There'll be one with us in it soon!
    icemakericemaker - thanks for the offer to show around your backyard, I might shorten the Sydney part of the trip and do that, if I'm not too drunk. Actually thinking about it, and knowing my Sydney mates, that's not likely :)

    Now fingers crossed for accommodation availability.
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  9. Really? Via M31? My intention was to go via Taralga, so you're saying the freeway is more interesting?
  10. No, no, no, Goulburn > Taralga > Oberon > Katoomba, its should be blue on the map.
  11. I like this one:
    Take Great Western Hwy/A32, Jenolan Caves Rd, Duckmaloi Rd, Shooters Hill Rd ... and Taralga Rd to Goulburn
  12. If you have time from Thredbo go Khancoban > cabramurra > Tumut > Boorowa > Crookwell > Taralga > Oberon > Katoomba
    Awesome run that.
  13. Cool, thanks. That was the plan. Google maps can be funny - it recalculated the route when I opened it, so showed the freeway in blue
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  14. I'm getting to Katoomba the other way - from south. But the plan is to take A32 / B59 on the way from Katoomba to Sydney.
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  15. Nothing like that - just an unsealed road.

    I've done it on an SR400 twice, Bonneville twice, DR650 and Ducati Scrambler and each time it's been a piece of piss. My girlfriend, with four hours riding experience did it on a VTR250 without any problems at all. It's a cinch - and easily worth the 110km of twisties you get. Gorgeous ride.

    If you're looking for accomodation in the area I can't recommend the Imperial Hotel in Bombala enough. $40 for a room. Priceless chats with the publican.
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  16. Yes. Andrew West, Sneo and I did Goulburn > Taralga > Oberon > Duckmaloi > Vic pass earlier in the year and was great. Watch out for the Abercrombie river gorge though
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  17. Yeah its one of my fav loops that I do quite often in daylight savings time.
    Wollongong > Richmond > Lithgow > Oberon > Taralga > Crookwell > Nerriga > Kangaroo Valley > Wollongong = 700km odd of goodness!!
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