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Connie fell down some stairs...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Manny, Jul 29, 2005.


    " Fortunately I wasn't on it at the time...

    I got home from a pleasant ride around PA & MD with Russell and crew
    about 5:45, Just in time to catch the end of the MotoGP race. We had
    some neighbors coming over for a BBQ, so I was looking foward to a few
    beers after a good day on the road. Parked the bike the left of where
    I'd normally park it (to make room for the grill), and just to the right
    of where the car normally parks. I don't normally park in this spot...
    main reason being that if the bike ever tipped over to the right...
    well, there's a staircase right there.

    Bet you can't guess what happens next? My wife's not home yet but knew
    she wasn't far behind as I'd waved to her driving down Georgia ave. I
    didn't wait for her, went inside to catch the GP (I should have known it
    was a bad omen when I found the cable was down). A few minutes later My
    Le's at the door, freaking out yelling at me to come quick...

    Her driving skills have never been the best, but she's outdone herself
    this time... I have to take some blame, having not parked in the usual
    spot... but really, anyone driving with their eyes open would have seen
    the connie and been able to avoid it. Sigh...

    So today I'm still traumatized and looking for a tow truck to haul the
    connie out of her hole. Repairs will be an insurance job, and quite
    apart from the financial implications it means I'll miss the Boyer ride
    next weekend. It's hard to tell just how much damage while she's still
    in the hole, but doesn't look too bad from what I can see. I got the
    tank and seat (and leaking battery) out of there, and they were pretty
    well untouched.

    The next thing seems to be to get it to a dealer to get a quote. The
    question is (and I'm sure some of you have been through this before), if
    I have the dealer order the parts, can I install them myself, and if so
    how does that work out with the insurance company? Will they pay me to
    do my own installation? Or does it depend on the company (State Farm in
    this case)?

    The other question is... if I have to get a dealer to do it, what's a
    good one around DC?"

    Poor bastard. Talk about unlucky.
  2. damn that is pretty tragic, i'd be :evil: :evil: :evil: if i was in your shoes. i can't really understand how your wife managed to take out your parked bike in broad daylight :? :cry: if she does that to parked motorcycles how does she interact with bikes moving around her on the road :p :eek:

    great pics though! a picture certainly tells a thousand words :shock:
  3. Not to trivialise the situation, but it kinda looks like the bike's committed suicide, doesn't it??? (If I can't have that cute little GPX 250 down the street, then life :cry: isn't worth living, sulk, CRASH)!
  4. From how I read it it wasn't Manny's bike? But whoever it was - you poor poor bastard!
  5. far as I can tell, Manny doesnt live in DC :p its someone elses bike.
    Poor guy.
  6. That's not good news. The sound of things breaking as bike goes end over end is never pleasant.

    Hopefully it will be fixed soon and not too expensively.

    Can I suggest that, since the panelwork will undoubtedly need repair, you have it repainted in dayglo orange, so it will be seen more easily next time?
  7. lol AND i don't think Manny Has a wife. Also GPX's don't have DUAL front disk brakes :LOL:
  8. Hey Night, I wasn't saying it WAS a GPX, I was aluding to the bigger bike committing suicide because it couldn't have a (mythical ) GPX down the street. (at least I think that's what I was thinking)
    Anyway, it's a sad tale for the poor sod who's bike ended up like this, however it happened!
  9. True that. It would have bent the frame on the bike falling sideways like that onto bricks??
  10. Who calls a bike "Connie" anyway.

  11. My wife said

    "Maybe she just didn't like the bike. Woman are sneaky".

    She is in the middle of a melrose place marathon though.

    Bad luck mate, hope everything gets sorted out asap.
  12. now i understand why you were talking about the event in third person 'poor bastard' and why it seemed odd that your profile says your 19 and the story says 'you're' married :oops: :)
  13. Poor bloke, poor wife bet they were both in shock for a while to come.
  14. haha sorry for the confusion.

    wasnt my bike and I don't have a wife.

    Feel bad for that dude tho! arf.
    Do you think they are still a together? =p
  15. All GPX bikes of various capacities came with dual front disks, but that is neither here nor there, because this is not a GPX, it's a GTR1000. Which Canadian in their right mind would call a GPX "Connie" ?
  16. Actually, I think its a 1000GTR.