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Connex Ticket Machines - free ride maybe?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Supplied, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. I catch the tram in to work at the moment. And this morning I didn't have any gold coins lying around so I thought it's about time I get rid of all my silver ones.

    I buy a zone 1 daily adult for $6.30. So I grabbed 63 x 10 cent pieces. got on the tram, waited for everyone else to grab their tickets cause I knew I was going to be there for a while. I select the ticket and started feeding the coins into the machine.

    I get to $2.80 left, and a message flashed up on the screen saying the machine is returning my coins. I thought WTF, here I go again. So i start feeding the coins into the machine again, a lot faster this time. I'm pretty sure it got to $2.80 again before it refunded the coins.

    Does anyone know if there's a time out on these devices? Or can they only accept 35 coins max or something? After the second failed attempt I decided not to bother buying a ticket. And there were no inspectors on the tram to verify this.

    I figure I have the money to buy the ticket. There's nothing on the machine to say that it will time out, or that it only accepts a certain number of coins. I'll try it again tomorrow. If the same thing occurs i'll get a free ride. If there are inspectors on the tram, can they really do anything? i have the money, but the machine wont accept it. I can't be at fault for that until they make me aware of what the problem is.
  2. Hahaha good luck with that :LOL:
  3. in sydney they only take so many coins.. probally cause they don't want your poo change
  4. sounds like my housemate

    the bus driver cracked the shits this morning when he dumped $2.90 of 10c coins on her
  5. There is an official legal limit set by the Reserve Bank on how much coinage you can pay for things.

    It was introduced a long time ago to prevent people rocking up to Government departments with $400 worth of 1 cent pieces to pay a bill or fine.

    If you want to get rid of excess change bag them up into even dollar amounts and pop into a shop you use regularly and see if they will change them for notes.

    I have several coffee mugs that are given out at an annual motorsport event which I fill with my excess small change and when I went through them at the weekend (8 mugs worth in about 10 months) and had $130 to put into my 7yo nephews bank account (banks don't usually charge handling fees for junior accounts). Oh, he gets silver only, I keep the gold coins for myself :cool:
  6. Had a dodgy ticket machine on the way home. I went the 2 hour ticket option figuring $3.20 will be within the 35 max coin theory. This time it wasn't counting down as I put 10c in. The next 10c still showed $3.20 owing.
    I pressed the coin return and got the money back and tried again. After 3 x 10c coins it still didn't decrease the amount owning. This time when I pressed coin return and nothing came out, and the screen went back to select ticket.

    That was all the troubleshooting i needed to do. I know stuffed when i see it :)

    It'll be my last chance to have a play with the machine on the way to work tomorrow, cause my bike has been finally resprayed, and will be ready for pickup after work. Providing it's back in as new condition I wont be catching PT again for a while! :grin:

    Haha I wouldn't use that many coins on a bus. I don't mind taking my time with a ticket machine when no one's waiting. But I wouldn't do it if it'll hold anyone up :)

    My coins kept on adding up aswell. I have a 1.5L glass bottle full and at last count a few months ago there was just over $200 in there. Since then i've used quite a few of the gold coins, but there'd be at least $150 there. I just keep it as an emergency cash fund. If I ever take it into a bank, it'll have to be one in the city, cause I'd love to walk past all the people asking for spare change while carrying it! Especially the idiot from last week! :LOL: