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Connecting ctek charger + comfort adapter? Confused

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tigerspew, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Got my hands on trickle charger to help with some battery problems. I also got this battery health indicator which has a special plug adapter that can also connect directly to the charger. Purpose is that you have a permanently connected charging plug that is easy to connect to the charger http://www.ctek.com/EN-AU/consumer/comfort-indicator-eyelet.aspx

    Im not understanding the instructions correctly. The CHARGER instructions says the following for a battery MOUNTED in a vehicle.

    "1. Identify the grounded pole. If ground is negative, connect red wire to positive pole, and black to the vehicles chasis" (and vice versa for positive pole)

    I understand connecting the red to positive. But its the connecting black to the chassis I dont get. I understand the chasis is the ground, and is connected to the negative pole (in this circumstance). But why do i connect the black charger cable to the chasis, and not the battery pole? And where exactly is a good place to attach the eyelet to the chassis?

    The instructions for charging a battery NOT connected to a vehicle say attached both cables direct to the battery poles. Why is it different?

    To complicate further, the battery health indicator i linked too above, shows a diagram with both black and red eyelets connected straight to the battery terminals. No mention of connecting black to chasis or ground, like the charger instructions. This indicator is basically just an adapter for the special charger plug, so shouldnt it need to be attached to the bike in the exact way as described in the charger instructions?

    Can anyone clear this up for me?
  2. I have a Ctek charger like yours attached directly to my battery on my Fireblade.
    The 2 eyelet cables attach directly to the positive and negative terminals of the battery.
    The cables are not connected directly to the chassis/ground.
    The idea of the battery health indicator is that it is attached directly to the terminals and you can see at a glance if the battery needs a charge.
    You can use the charger with the alligator clips supplied in the kit to charge a battery not in the vehicle.
    I have my eyelet cables permanently attached to the battery and the connector is simply cable tied to the subframe in a safe place where it is easily accessible.
  3. Thanks Hamamatsu. That is the exact setup I was expecting to rig up, but was thrown by the instructions.

    I read around the net that the purpose of connecting to the chassis was to prevent a spark, but if you connect everything in the correct order, sparking problems are greatly minimised?

    Ie. connect the health indicator terminals to battery. Connect the grounded terminal last.
    Connect charger to health indicator adapter plug
    THEN plug charger into power outlet.
  4. It is fine to go straight to the battery for a charger. If you are running extra items though like high current draw driving lights etc it is best to give a seperate earth so as not to over load the standard crap wiring that most manufacturers use. The shorter you can keep the earth or any wiring for that matter the better as there is less resistance. A lot of electrical problems can be traced back to a poor earth or overloading of a circuit.
  5. Yep, that is the connection sequence I use, and no problems so far. The Ctek is a really good little unit. Been using it for 1 year now constantly and it is very reliable. Always make a point of keeping it dry, out of the weather though.
  6. The idea of connecting ground to chassie is so that you have your bike fuse to go through in case there is something wrong with connecting or surges etc rather than the situation of direct connection and lets say there is a surge in power the battery will take all the grunt and possibility of it exploding is high. This principle is applied even to Jump starting a car cables.
  7. hi, i won a c-tek charger from motorcycle trader,just used it today.takes longer to charge than a car type charger,but this could be a good thing. i prefer to remove battery from bike. better earth quality to chassis,also when jump starting too, but as posted by others, should not be an issue. really, a good quality battery,a run once a week,top up with distilled water,should be enough,unless, alternator,electrical probs.my gpz 900r fired up after 3months of no maintenance,slack but.gel battery way to go.:angel: