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Congressional Medal of Honour stories [badass!]

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, May 5, 2007.

  1. Here's the site: http://www.cmohs.org/

    Here's an example:

    September 1945. Citation: 2d Lt. Rudolph (then T/Sgt.) was acting as platoon leader at Munoz, Luzon, Philippine Islands. While administering first aid on the battlefield, he observed enemy fire issuing from a nearby culvert. Crawling to the culvert with rifle and grenades, he killed 3 of the enemy concealed there. He then worked his way across open terrain toward a line of enemy pillboxes which had immobilized his company. Nearing the first pillbox, he hurled a grenade through its embrasure and charged the position. With his bare hands he tore away the wood and tin covering, then dropped a grenade through the opening, killing the enemy gunners and destroying their machinegun. Ordering several riflemen to cover his further advance, 2d Lt. Rudolph seized a pick mattock and made his way to the second pillbox. Piercing its top with the mattock, he dropped a grenade through the hole, fired several rounds from his rifle into it and smothered any surviving enemy by sealing the hole and the embrasure with earth. In quick succession he attacked and neutralized 6 more pillboxes. Later, when his platoon was attacked by an enemy tank, he advanced under covering fire, climbed to the top of the tank and dropped a white phosphorus grenade through the turret, destroying the crew. Through his outstanding heroism, superb courage, and leadership, and complete disregard for his own safety, 2d Lt. Rudolph cleared a path for an advance which culminated in one of the most decisive victories of the Philippine campaign.

    All are real. All are incredible.
    Anyone who's seen Band Of Brothers etc, you'll love that site. I'm sure your imagination will have enough fuel to give you a decent picture of the amazing stuff these guys accomplished :shock:

    Copy paste your favourites or sumfink!

  2. WW2, russia;

    bodies lay in the snow, some dead, some injured yet still alive. german soldiers poked the injuries, if they heard a scream, the injured soldier was shot dead.

    one soldier had an injury to his leg, he knew he couldn't scream. when they jabbed him he lay perfectly still except for 1 tear that dropped in the snow.

    i think of him when i have to get a needle for a blood test etc.