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Congratulations vtrsteve

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, May 3, 2005.

  1. on getting your licence yesterday. Well done mate!!! :applause: :applause::applause: \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

    :D :D
  2. Well done Steve. Only 364 days to go.
  3. Well done Steve,
    Keep rubber side down.
  4. Yeah! Well done mate!!!! Now we can burn your L plate while dancing in circles and drinking beer!!! :LOL:

  5. congrats!!!
  6. Thank you all, the bloody countdown is on big time...Mel from Ride-tek is a great guy and made me feel real easy about the whole thing. Score 18

    The L's are in the bin and the bike already looks better.
  7. Yeah I had Mel for instructor as well, guy makes the whole thing very interesting and relaxing at the same time. Couldn't get better instructor I reckon!!!
  8. Well done mate... have fun and ride safe ... you havetnt got a warnign on ya bike anymmore
  9. Well done and congrats! :)
  10. YEY!!

    Cool :D

    Short :cry:
  11. Congratulations VTRSteve. Now the suffering of which bike to get next.........?? :)
  12. Congrats Steve!

    Great to see more and more of us climbing the ladder to real bikes!!! :D :LOL:
  13. congrats. im jealous
  14. Congrats mate, I notice my bike was much easier to ride after I removed that yellow piece of crap from my rear guard..how does the VTR feel now??
  15. Congrats Steve,

    Well done.....but you have yourself to thank for getting such a good score. You will find people will treat you a little diff on the road without the L plates.

    Cheers mate
  16. Can see the rear type now, looking better.

    Tones does that mean they will respect me or will they try to run me down?
  17. Lol.....well I have found they will respect you more. That is what I have found anyhow....and they will always try and run you down...:)

    Seriously I have found people do treat you a little diff on the roads. At the same time that is also dependant on how you ride at the same time to a degree. I haev seen you ride and you should find people treat you with more respect.

  18. Nice 1 mate!
  19. congrats Steve, now begins the agonising wait to be restriction free
  20. Silly question from someone over the border.... Do you lot not have to run P plates?