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Congratulations to Dani Pedrosa

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by коннор, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. The angry robot dwarf deserves some love :). He rode very well, and got a solid win. The poor bloke often gets overshadowed and overlooked, but he's got plenty of race in him and seems like a decent bloke (y).

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  2. Yes I am pleased he got some glory at last. I don't have any favorite just like a good race. Dani has done some great track work but hasn't been able to capitalize on it. Not quite consistent enough to get the points.
  3. Sadly the other events in that race overshadowed Dani's solid ride. Good ride for him. Good on you KOHHOP for bringing our attention back to the race winner and Lorenzo in second. You have to think that the championship series is Lorenzos with Rossi relegated to the rear of the grid. As Pod said if Pedrosa could develop more consistency he has the talent to be world champ.
  4. Pedrobot had had the best bikes for his whole career and the weight of Spanish money behind him. He hasn't won the title yet despite, and he never will....
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    Not including the Duke and perhaps his first year at Yamaha, Rossi has always had the better bike and on top of that the better tyres with special deliveries on race day for years.
  6. I reckon watch Pedrosa next year. he really started improving after his surgery - believe this was bothering him for the past few years - and he seems fully sorted now and improving race by race.
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    Despite not winning this last race, I reckon Danni deserves some more love: he rode a good race -might've even come first if MM hadn't come so bloody close to running him of the track- his post-race behaviour was very professional, and he even showed some humanity in the interview :D. And there is no cloud of controversy overshadowing him, too.

    I am developing a lot of respect for the man.
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