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Congratulations to Chengaleng!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Cheng, AKA Nous, AKA the Bandito Biatch passed her learner's test today. Well done chickie babe!

    In other news, lock up your 250's.

  2. Another 250 on the road, woo-hoo!! And only 12 months (?) on, a bigger bike!
  3. Congrats....I'll better double-lock ( CT110s were her prime target, no?) :D
  4. <flash forward 12 months>

    So err Loz how does it feel to have your arse harded to you by your former pillion? On a CT110 no less.

  5. You look like a monkey .... oh wait, this is a different type of congrats :LOL:
  6. *swings around on a branch and bares her teeth at Mouth*

    Throw me a banana! :D

    I'm pretty bloody excited. Already the itch is creeping in.

    After the first day of the Learners course @ HART, I fell asleep to the sound of engines revving in my head and my hands positioned on imaginary handlebars. Driving back home after the second day and passing the test (WOOHOO) I sat in the LozMobile thinking, "I should be on a bike."

    And now I'm procrastinating job-hunting and perving on the merch on eBay and Bikesales and wishing I'd gotten up to go over to Kilsyth to tinker with bikes with Pete and Loz.

    Some afterthoughts:

    1) It wasn't as difficult as I thought, given I've never driven manual and don't ride pushbikes in gneral. It's all in the finer points of technique I guess. Can't wait to raid the literature.

    2) Wish there was more time for us little 'duckies' to follow Momma and Papa ducks Lynley and Mars around the course. Shoulda seen when the skies cracked open and out came our yellow rubber wets :)

    3) There was a 60-year-old lady from Sri Lanka who has always wanted to ride a scooter. Apparently her kids and grandkids laughed at her when she told them about her dream, so she was there to prove them wrong. My hero for the day :) Her hubby had his license already but signed up anyway to brush up on his skills and keep her company.

    4) A lot of what I thought was acceptable motorcycling behaviour wasn't that kosher afterall. e.g. lanesplitting. Loz's kidneys may regret that he sent me for the Ls :D but having read a bit more here and elsewhere about lanesplitting, it's a grey area. So maybe I won't kick that hard.

    5) There was one guy there who had never ridden a bike before but decided to take his Ls after he bought a GSX1000 a month ago to resell and instead fell in love with it. He intends to ride GOR this weekend on it because it'll 'teach me heaps about riding'. I told him he'd learn exactly how far down it is from the cliff face.

    All in all, here's to the beginning of what may be the most passionate relationship of my young life.

    Sorry Loz ;)

    heh heh heh.

  7. More commonly it's the other end that's bared at mouth :p :p :p

    Loz's kidneys have other regrets.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Hi Chengaleng,
    My sincere congrats! I was so hoping you would come by yesterday! Never mind.
    Riding pillion will never be the same, trust me - I know!
  9. Congrats on passing the test. The REAL test is out there on the road, but you've made the right start. Enjoy the ride!
  10. Well I haven't seen any money cross these hands yet :D

    Yes, I'm sorry about that. I was all ready to crawl out of bed but we'd been at a friend's gig the night before (excuses, excuses, heh heh). I did get Loz to pack that box of choccies. There's some really weird flavours in there, like lavender, maybe even camomile (cleans you outside AND in LOL).

    Reading that recent thread about group riding behaviour reminded me of what we talked about the other night. And being on pillion after the test was definitely an eye-opener. I was pretty aware of the road and the Hornbag as it was, but this time it was lot more, I guess lucid. Let's just say that there's lots to learn and I can't wait! I promise I'll haul my lazy bum out of bed the next time.

    The road's one big test and I can't wait to fill in the blanks.

    Did I mention that I can't wait?

    Woohoo :)