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Congratulations to Carri and Ken

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Most of you would have had a text message by now, but welcome to the world to little Shayden, and best wishes to a wonderful couple :).

  2. oh congrats to them, hope both mum and baby are both doing well.

    Thats just wonderful news. :)
  3. yaaaay!!!
    congrats guys!
    :beer: :birthday: :roses:
    with our newborns only a week apart, we can race 'em :cool:
  4. Congrats Guys !
    I guess the next post will be .. " Which bike best suits a newborn? " :LOL:
    Hope Mum and Bub are both doing very well
    :LOL: @Joel
  5. Congrats guys!!!
  6. Big congrats to you both! Hope all went as smoothly as possible and that everyone's in good health. New life ahead!
    Caroline & John.

    PS I knew a "Shay" a while back, and he was a nice guy, so I approve of the name :grin:
  7. Awesome news! Congrats to Carri, Ken and welcome to the World Shayden, it's gonna be a better place with you in it :)
  8. Congrats guys, welcome to your next 18 years. :LOL:

    Hope Mum and Bubs are both doing well. :grin:
  9. Congrats guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    Welcome Shayden! [​IMG]

    As Shayden is the first for you marvellous people, I thought this might be a fitting emoti and serve as a warning :LOL: : [​IMG]

    Best of warmest wishes to all three of yas! :)
    Warm hugs and best wishes to Carri and welcome to the world Shayden
  11. Congratulations guys! Viewbank's about to get that little bit noisier :LOL:

    Excellent news, hope you are all doing well :)
  12. Congrats to all. :)
  13. Awesome stuff: one more microrider!
  14. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is this the first fully bred Netrider Baby?
  15. That's fantastic news - huge congratulations to Carri, Ken and young Shayden! The little guy couldn't have two better people for parents, either.

    \:D/ :beer: \:D/
  16. Great stuff, life now gets interesting! :grin:
  17. :dance: :woot: \:D/ :applause: :beer: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Congratulations to the both of you!

    All our love xox
  18. You naughty naughty man Paul.... Didn't your text message say not to post it on NR yet? I reckon you oughtta change the title of the thread to something that they won't find straight away - and then we can all pretend it's a surprise when Kenny gets around to posting it! :p
  19. Congratulations guys :woot:

    No doubt baby Shayden will bring much joy to your lives.

    Hope you are all doing well.

  20. Awwwww, how cute.

    Congrats guys. Hope it doesn't look like the postman too much :p