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Congratulations Rosie!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Caz V1, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Just got a SMS from Rosie,
    sneaky devil booked in for her license and didn't tell anyone.....
    and she passed :grin: :grin:

    No more L plate...woohooo

    About bloody time girlie :wink:
  2. Well done Rosie :)
  3. G'day everyone,.....

    Congratulations Rosie,.......
    Well done.

    :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Dr Who?
  4. Congrats! :grin:

    Now to shop for a bigger bike?
  5. WOW Rosie
    well done on both counts
    keeping it to yourself and passing!!!


  6. Thats excellent news! :grin:

    Shaun and Kate
  7. What you guys didn't know...

    you must not be in "the loop"


    WELL DONE ROSIE twelve months and we'll be on bigger bikes

    i'm not counting ;)
  8. Well done Rosie :applause: :applause: :applause: WOO HOO \:D/

    But Im with Caz..... about bloody time!!!!!
  9. Thanks guys!! I'm rapt!

    I did it at Baylink Motorcycle training in Hastings. A couple of netriders recommended this bunch to me (ta Ed and Pooh!) and I can see why...totally recommend them to anyone else going for their licence. :) 3 other guys did it with me and we all passed :woot:

    I got 11 points. I did the exercises well - no stuff ups :) The other guys did better than me in the points stake, but the instructor came up to me later and told me that he thought I did really well and that they had a group of 8 do it this morning and their average score was 18. He said 11 is a really good score and he could tell from my riding that I was a 'conservative' rider...a good rider. lol. So I didn't feel so bad about my 11 after that. :)

    No celebrating though - I have assignments to do. Wellll..perhaps one bundy is in order. ;) :)

  10. Me either


    ^Top of the list


    or perhaps even:



    and one day:


  11. Congrats Rosie
  12. About berluddy time too! Well done Rosie!!
  13. Well done Rosie!
  14. Top news! Do an advanced course( I sound like one of the converted! :p ), get a Kwaka and life will be great!

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. That's fantastic, Rosie... we knew you could do it! Another life challenge out of the way :applause:

    Love the top 2 bikes :wink:

    Caroline & John.
  16. i guess it nearly had to be one of those shit or get off the pot times hey rosie :LOL:

    congrats and as everyone else has said about bloody time :p

    p.s storms are a fantastic upgrade :LOL:
  17. Thanks guys. Yeah yeah I know - about berloody time. :LOL: Should've done it back in January. :LOL:

    I especially love the FZ1000. Sexy!


    VTR1000 is still up there - I just didn't want to overdo it with posting pics..lol. There are others too - ER6f...perhaps the Z1000...perhaps an SV1000. All this is based solely on looks... :LOL: I have no idea what they're like to ride or very little knowledge of what they're capable of. It's all about looks atm. ;) :LOL:

    And I'm keeping the VTr250 for eva!!! No use trying to sell the thing as I've already put 12500km on it and that's only gonna get higher. Plus I love it heaps and reckon it's a keeper. :)
  18. the new z1000 is (i'll put it nicely) a ugly ugly bike that doesn't handle, the review on it has said that its very loose in the frame, and there is a flew in the front end
  19. Well done on getting your license Rosie.
    Well deserved .