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Congratulations Booga!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Congratulations Dave on getting your licence today. woo hoo!!

    :D :D
  2. Well done, the "Loser" plates now get framed. whoot!
  3. Thank you, thank you very much *takes a bow*

    Its suprisingly easier than the L's test, but ran through without a hitch...

    Amazing the drag the L plate puts on your bike, slows it down too much ;)

    We'll have to have a sacrificial burning at coffee tonight :LOL:
    Lucky they come in a two pack, one to frame and one to burn :LOL:
  4. Whoohooo, another "real" rider loosed upon the unsuspecting public of Melbourne..Well done!!
  5. congrats mate
  6. Congratulations dave ;) The countdown starts now..
  7. hey booga, congrats

    where did you end up doing it?

    im going for mine at ridetek this sunday :D!
  8. Congrats mate. It's good to hear, I would suggest we go for a celebratory ride (maybe do kinglake to healsville again) but it might have to be put off for a while..... :cry: . Take care out there, its dangerous roads ahead, but they a hell of a lot of fun....
  9. WooHoo ... broke the shackels of the big yellow anchor :)
  10. Well done David!! Great to hear.
    You can hang your L plate up at HQ with the others if you like ;)
  11. Well done! May the next 12 months go fast?