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Congratulation, it a gril!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Soyajam, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. hihi, internet riders!

    I've been looking for a forum to hang out with other motorcyclists for a little while, and netriders looks pretty epic. Mind if I camp here? :D

    So a little about me I guess...

    I'm Sam - I'm a Northern Sydney-sider who does web programming to pay for my motorbike habit.

    Thanks to my significant other, I became hooked on motorcycles after being taken on a spin on his Kawasaki ZX7R about 5 years ago. Not long after I got sick of being on the pillion seat and wanted one of my own.

    I've been riding for 4 years now after getting my licence on my beloved Ninja250R, and couple of months ago I finally bit the bullet and moved up to the current love of my life, a Honda CBR600RR.

    I'm hoping to get into all sorts of things with the new bike - performing more of my own maintenance and doing some modifications, for example.

    Looking forward to posting pics when I'm allowed!

    Anyway, nice to be here - see you guys round!
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  2. Welcome to yet another means of feeding your additction!! Have a broswe around, there's something here for everyone......
  3. Where's the BBQ!

    Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  4. welcome aboard :)
  5. Welcome Sam, look forward to pics...
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  7. Welcome :D
  8. Mmmm, hello, should that read girl ? Or is a gril something new ?
  9. The gril is for your stek and sausag.
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  10. Hi Sam welcome :)
  11. that's freaky I didn't notice it before....
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  12. It comes from a post on the site "cake wrecks" -
    (I don't know if I have enough likes so here goes posting a link!)
    Cake Wrecks - Home - Time to Par-Tay

    I was trying to be clever ;-)
  13. Not big on cake sites but I believe you, gril it is then.
  14. Hi there Soya, welcome to the motley. They jump and sniff a bit, but mostly they don't bite.

    Mostly MadDog, it think gril means girl in the way that thnx means ewe r welcome and @ means "In here stupid!" on an air-sick bag. She's a web dev, which probably means you can throw bitwise operators and Boolean logic and algebra at her, and she'll hand back a loose pointer to your interrupt vector table and take you BSOD. Most web dev stuff is not as susceptible to loose pointers as c is, but any good coder has been shown what can happen. And no, I can't say Hello to her in assembler any more, I stopped all that poop years ago. When I learned web dev, we had our first assignment due (Digital logic or something) and our lecturer told us as an afterthought that work would only be accepted electronically, and only in HTML format. "Have you done any HTML?" Whole class shakes heads. He looked at his watch. "Then you have about 48 hours to learn. See you Monday." I was saved that weekend by a program called Netscape, which I had never heard of. Not only was it a rather nicer browser than Explorer, it had a fairly simple keyboard entry direct to HTML option... TAFE gets a bad rap for being somewhat less formal than university. I have done both, and I would say the two differ, but I would not say either one is clearly better. University has some airs and graces, and there are some reasons for that, but some of it is just airs and graces....
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  15. Welcome back to you Gril , from the noob u welcomed earlier. Looks like your all ova the tech stuff in an instant..Took me half a day just to find the welcome lounge..The crew here sure are welcoming, if not a wee funny..As for Kneedragon... wouldnt like a battleof the brains with him on a bad day.. Enjoy.
    See ya round the threads..
  16. Firstly, to soothe all the confused minds - I was going to originally name the thread "OH MY GOD IT'S A GIRL", but felt that was too obvious and a little attention grabby. So instead, I thought I'd take inspiration from the internet, and I remembered "cake wrecks" - a blog where people send in pictures of very badly done cakes with spelling mistakes and awful icing; and on one particular cake someone had misspelt "girl" to be "gril" (check out the link in my previous post for the pic).

    I thought the bad grammar and confusing title would stand out amongst the 10,000 "hello" posts (common in welcome forums) - did it work???

    LOL What a rant! I'm going to love clashing horns with you in the forum dragon :p
    Before you start quizzing me on compilers and sort methods, I'm what you call one of those new age web programmers. My university degree was an Arts degree (all the engineering graduates hiss and back away about now); and my dabbling in programming was either in HTML/CSS, or some horrific 'interfaced' program that spat very bad Java out the end (and nobody looked at it).

    Got a job as a web producer (read: people wrangler) and confirmed my suspicions that I in fact don't like people at all - and decided to go and chase what I really wanted - getting my head stuck into code! So my knowledge of web programming was through a 12 week crash course where I learned Ruby; a very high-level language. My significant other is one of those low-level programming enthusiasts, and we have rather interesting banter about how he "can't do pretty", and I can't do "mov esi, [eax+4]". lol!

    I will say though, I have figured out how SQL injections and middle-man attacks work, so instead of being scared of those dodgy phishing emails, now I inspect their headsers and try and find an IP address so I can annoy them later ;-)

    I'm sure many of the regulars would agree that most of the stuff here is just practice! I managed to teach my parents how Instant Messaging worked and now they drive me nuts with emoticons (these --> :oops::eek::mad::(;)) - so I'm sure with a bit of time perusing the threads and getting a feel for what goes where, you'll be whacking the trolls with the rest of us!
    On that note however, if you feel you need a particular pointer on "tech stuff" - feel free to throw a private message my way and I'll see if I can help!

    Thanks for all the welcomes guys!

    Now, the important stuff - I've gotta get the pics of my babies up on the net - where do I start, the showcase section?
  17. Whoops, double post!
  18. Showcase is a good start.
  19. And you call yourself a computer person!! o_O