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Congratulate me.. For I have carried my first Pillion !!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by kazjim, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. My Dad is leaving for a tour of the states with his band on Friday, and so I decided to give him a little "farewell" thrill .... we organised to go out to dinner and I rocked around to his place on the VZ800 ... (Suzuki Cruiser....Looks Big and Mean... :p )

    Handed him a helmet and jacket that i had stuffed into a backpack and said "we'll meet everyone else there"

    Well, neither of us had done this before, so we took it very easy.. very very easy....

    After the first kilometer or so of wobbling and finding our balance, we both sat back and just enjoyed the ride.....

    he couldnt shut up. He was so thrilled that the whole way he wanted to chat ! (Ok, not so unusual for My dad, but still . . . . )

    I can see how this could be a very, very attractive way of seeing the country... we might even plan a little Hunter Valley trip when he gets back....

    So thanks to all who have given advice on this site... I tried to remember all I could and it helped my confidence immensily...

    Cheers all!
  2. :)
    I can't even remember my first pillion. What did it feel like.. The bike I mean. I mainly notice the twitches at slow speed., the fact I can't move around as much and the longer braking distance. (Tho I am a conservative braker mystelf) But as a newby.. can't remember.

    If you count walking pace falls I have been down the road 5 times as a pillion :( No damage to speak of done execp for bikes and none in the last 15 or 20 years but still :(
  3. Well done mate. :grin:

    That's cute. lol!!! :)

    :grin: :grin:
  4. I took my first pillion on Sunday night. Just a short lap around the block. Not as hard as I was expecting - you don't really notice on a cruiser.
  5. And the fact that it was a giggley Teenage girl didn't hinder the matter either.
  6. good one dude.. its great isnt it

    my only pillion is my 8 year old son.. I havent had him on the Trumpy yet, but dinked him from school many times on the scooter.

    hardest thing with him was trying to get him to stop swinging his head around to look at things.. its amazing how unsettled you get on a scooter with small weight redistributions

    I have actually had a lot of problems getting him a jacket.. trail bike gear is no problem, but I want a decent textile jacket with armour for him.

    I cant wait to take him on the trumpy.. I can remember my old man taking me for rides on his big honda four (cant remember what type) I think I was barefooted most of the time.. (it was the 70s hehe)
  7. Whats wrong with that? Giggling Teenage girls are the best pillions :cool: Well they used to be a few years ago!

    Have fun 2 up. I know I do and my wife loves it (just don't scrape the pegs! My wife has a tendancy to bash the back of my helmet once we're back on an even keel! :p
  8. it's amazing what a difference bike choice makes to carrying a pillion.
    On my cruiser you rarely notice you're carrying anyone, on my tourer the pillion sits way up higher than me and at low speeds you really have to work the bike when cornering.
    the worst was my fat bastard father who would crush me everytime i braked. only carried him one time... thought i was gonna blow a rear tyre. :?
  9. My wife jumped on as pillion the other weekend for the first time (both her as a pillion, and me as the rider with one).

    The Gixxer isn't eaxcatly built for a pillion, took a bit of getting used to at first. Started down our main road about mid morning, lots of latte drinking cafe goers (traffic was heavy but slow about 20ks').

    Car parallel parks in front and traffic stops, car finishes parking and traffic starts again. I accelerate slowly following at a reasonable distance behind the car in front, next minute some 90 yr old woman decided she wants to walk out in front of me (there were lights she could have crossed at about 30 metres away). I was going slow, but the extra weight made it difficult to get around her. I did miss her, no idea how she didn't see me with a bloody great headlight shining at her.

    Lesson learnt: pedestrians are stupid, particularly when old and there may be an untapped market for bullbars for bikes...
  10. my first pillion was my dad, who i took for practise as he's a rider as well.

    Well, putting a chap who is a fair bit bigger and heavier than you on the back of a jacked up blackbird meant that i had a few new problems to deal with in terms of coming to a stop smoothly and getting around slowly like you are having.

    Once you get some practise however it get heaps better and your pillion will learn to trust you if you don't get into the habit of trying to throw them off :D

    Little people like kids and the wife are an absolute pleasure to pillion once you learn to take ya dad!
  11. Would suggest your first pillion is a very. very experienced rider. He/She will know what to expect and what to do and help you along.

    I rode pillion for my daughter and after she had settled a bit I found a need to have a strech, scratch, look around etc. After a while the wobbling stopped and it was a breeze. She really enjoyed it and asked if I would go again. Sure, not completely grey yet. :LOL:
  12. first pillion was my wife who had never been on a bike before. She is a great pillion, you dont even know she is there, and just enjoys the scenery..
  13. well done on your first pillion, i am part of that group too...
    I'm only recently off my restriction and upgraded to my YZF600 and said to my better half "jump on the back, just coz I'm allowed to now"... hmmm, think i definately need practice, was very wobbly..

    I agree with Brian26146 about taking experienced people first, my partner is a very experienced rider, so he was a good first pillion, gave me heaps of tips and was very patient, now I just have to convince him to continue being my crash test dummy, so its safe for me to take other people onboard! hehe