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Congratuations to the fab 3

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by undii, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. So, what's this about??? I'm just writing to say a BIG congratulations to us 3 netriders who got their licences together at ridetek exactly a year ago. Lids, ApriliaGirl and myself all get off their power restrictions from midnight tonight!!! WOOHOO! Just in time as I am test riding a 675 on Saurday in anticipation of me receiving my one within the next 2 weeks or so :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Love you guys and consider myself to have made 2 very good friends due to netrider + going for my licence on the same day :grin:

    Congratulations to everyone who has either gotten their Ls, Ps or full licences, it's a beautiful thing to ride a motorycle isn't it :)
  2. Congrats to you all.

    So we know you're moving to the T675 undii.

    What are Lids and ApriliaGirl's upgrade plans?
  3. Congrats guys!.... Mmmmmmmmm 675.... 10 more mths to go!
  4. Congrats guys, great news. I've only got 11 days till I'm a fully licenced rider too...

    Waiting, waiting, waiting...
  5. Congrats you guys, and "Woot Woot" on the Trumpy, the 675 is a nice looking ride
  6. Congrats to you three resolute contributers to the life of Netrider.
  7. Have fun guys! :)
  8. Congrats guys, I am tipping Lids will go a Gixxer ;)
  9. Hope lids doesn't mind me posting this, from speaking to her yesterday :

    Would be cool if we all got a 675 as our upgrade :grin:
  10. Well down guys :cool: :cool: :cool: ,I remember looking foward to the day that I could swing my leg over anything :shock: and go for a fang, legally!
    Let the games begin :grin:
  11. It sure is a nice feeling to know I can get on anything without having to worry about Mr Plod :grin:

    I finally feel ready to upgrade as well. I know everone said I'd be sick of having a 250 after 3 months but it didn't work like that for me at all. Not sure if that's 'cause my bike spent so much time in the shop or if it's becasue it's an RS. Maybe a combination of the two.

    Not that the RS is going to get the flick just yet, it's still too much fun for that but I'm looking forward to having 2 bikes in the garage :grin:

    I agree Wazza - guess that ones up to Lids then :wink:
  12. Congrats guys, I wont be too far behind. :)

    Go the 675 ;)
  13. Thanks guys!! Congrats to Undii and ApriliaGirl too. :wink:

    Not too sure on what and when I will be upgrading but I love the gixxar and the 675. I will be doing some test riding in a few weeks. :)

    Pauly gets his new bike on Wednesday and if I'm lucky I might be able to take that for a spin. :grin:

    :grin: :grin:
  14. congrats on serving your time ;)
  15. Congrats guys :grin:

    I can "legally" swing my leg over any bike I want in a year... until then my main ride will be the baby blade...

    The 675 had huge reviews in the latest Australian motorcycle mag... top of all the 600 series bikes :cool:
  16. Congratulations guys, now you can practise your wheelies :grin:
  17. Well done guys, it's a great feeling. Just remember, too much power is never enough!
  18. Congrats guys, must get off my L's it's been just over 3 months and 8,500kms :shock:

    Oh did I say I was Jealous, well I bloody am. :mad:
  19. Congratulations to the 3 of you!

  20. well done on serving your sentence and learning the important bits about riding. the 12 months is hurting (7 months to go), but worthwhile from a road exp point of view. i can't wait to jump on a 600+ (outside of a showroom floor). Bring that on!