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Congrats to Andrew

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Foxy, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. Hey all,
    As some of you are aware, its my brothers Wedding tommorow, so I'd just like to say a big congtrats, and leave it open to you for any words of wisdom (that I can use in my speech) and pass on to him,

  2. Congratulations Andrew

    Are you sure Andrew really wants to do this. :p

    My brothers name is Andrew as well. I was the best man at his wedding a couple of years ago and was shitting myself at the thought of having to do a speech. I didn't bother preparing anything. I just winged the speech. It turned out alright.

    I praised myself with that effort. 8)
  3. I think concluding with the words "you must be mad" should be sufficient.

    Or, HINT at things he KNOWS will embarrass him, and then don't QUITE say them...
  4. Have to agree with Android on this one, did a friends wedding as the best man a couple of years back and had a speech all written down and then just winged it anyway. Must have gone down ok got a couple of laughs and kept it short and sweet.
    :D :D
    Voyager also has a point, just hint at embarressing things rather than saying them. :p
  5. Whatever you do, don't tell tales "out of school" (don't mention hookers, previous girlfriends of the groom OR Boyfriends of the bride).

    Good luck to him - there's also nothing worse than people asking if you're really sure - you wouldn't have gotten that far if you weren't, & people trying to put doubts in your head is undermining their confidence in being able to make their own life decisions. :D
  6. Congrats Andrew.....

    I thought marriage was a great idea, till I tried it...

    Now I've got a dog and a bike - much better idea... :)
  7. Umm, does this raise several uncomfortable questions in anyone elses mind?
  8. Jealousy's a curse you know.... :p
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  10. Hey people dont be scared to include a few qwirky telegrams eg from Elvis :)
  11. An oldie but gets a laugh!
    Don't buy your bed from Myers,
    cause they stand behind everything they sell!
  12. Used to work behind the bar at a reception centre. Heard a few best man speeches, but the only thing I remember is this:

    If you have 18 sons you have a footy team, have 18 daughters and you'll have a golf course.

    :twisted: :D :p
    after the honey moon the sex dries up and you are constantly nagged , nothing kills a womans sex drive faster than wedding cake.

    get out while you can !!!!!
  14. Nothing fires it up faster than a decree nisi!
  15. Congrats Andrew.

    Chris and I have been together for 8 years and married for almost 1year...(22nd Novemeber)

    Off topic.. but what do you think I should buy Chris for our 1st anniversary??

    Lisa :twisted:
  16. Congrats to Andrew, as for speeches or witty telegrams...umm...err...will get back to you on that.