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Congrats Macca!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. Well done on the purchase of your new toy. A lovely yellow 01' VTR250.
    Great to see you riding around on it today, looking forward to getting some more K's under your belt tomorrow :D
    Best thing about it is the colour.....oh and the rider of course ;) :p

  2. wooot wooot.

    big congrats
  3. Congrats Macca!

    Hope to see you out on the roads soon...or perhaps monday night coffee!
  4. Congrats Macca :) Another learner to terrorise I mean to look after :twisted:
  5. Well done Macca, now to have fun
  6. Congrats Macca!now for the fun stuff!
  7. firesqauls all over the shop! Nice choice of bike.

    Although I wish I got a printout of Robyns VTR250 set against my blade at the dyno day. :LOL: :twisted: :twisted:
  8. Congrats Macca.

    :D :D

    PS. Good choice of colour - yellow rocks!!!
  9. Nice choice of bike.....lets go to a richmond match, you on the yellow me on the black.... :D
  10. nice one macca. treat it well and enjoy it mate! all the best!
  11. Hey, I'll be in that!!!! :D
    Carn the Tiges!!
  12. Thanks guys.. 8)

    Now for more K's under the belt.

    Minna - missed your learners ride, but wanted to get some feel for the bike before hitting the twisties.. Now I've got a feel for it, I'll be there for the next one.

    Yellow is my friend.. :p
  13. Congrats big bloke......shame "bout the Taxi paint job but :p
  14. Congrats on the purchase.
    Great choice of bike, and colour!! I was toying with the idea of a green checkered stripe on the tank of mine :p :LOL: